Fierce! Ella is 3 months pregnant belly dancing, but also weightlifting (Figure)

Fierce! Ella is 3 months pregnant belly dancing, but also weightlifting (Figure) Ella (in) Tiaocao according to Taiwan media reports, S.H.E  23 days gym aerobics party activities, the night before the wedding suddenly announced the pregnancy Ella on the Internet, on the stage with the aerobic teacher and field 500 fans dance, hand twist hip hop dance. Ella hop dance in health activities, Selina and Hebe also followed the hips, three people shouted in Taiwan: "let’s change the health movement exercise makes us confident movement to make us more happy, continue to move to challenge their own" energy declaration, still active even if pregnant. Asked about the baby’s gender, Ella said it was unclear, husband Lai will care about her intimate solution for diets, "he would control my diet, read will tell me what to eat, when Dad heard after he had finally turn my feeling." Ella happy said: "yes, I’m pregnant, think things are of concern to the media, are also absent, I am 3 months pregnant, and all is stable, to share with you, I am very happy with the surprise, the next press conference, we must have their place." Ella is still on the stage shouting manifesto, pregnant women have super vitality, and she also said that even now still be pregnant, weight lifting, running, but a professional coach with sports, so don’t worry about it and asked whether affect the belly child, she laughed and said: "baby will be used, try to have a strong. Crazy mother, now keep a happy heart."相关的主题文章: