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Causes of Fengcheng front – Wade exposes three: just for the vacancy distracted! Fierce! Local time on October 27th sina sports night, Chicago Bulls beat Boston Celtic in 105 home court than 99, 16-17 season opener. Before the local media agreed that the bulls have no reason to not take the game tonight: the opponent is fighting back to back, and there are two important players. However, the process of the game is full of twists and turns, a victory, but not an easy victory. Compared to the previous season, the Bulls tonight is almost a complete team make only superficial changes. Last year, only 6 players in the array, the opening season last season, the first to start the field is changed for the 4 of the 5. The team therefore completely make only superficial changes. Although it is difficult to evaluate the Bulls only through a game, but at least in the evening, the team’s perimeter shot is not as bad as previously thought. What is more, the team will upload the ball and rationality are better than last year on this lot, quite a bit Qinnengbuzhuo taste. The Bulls tonight was able to win the game by a rebound, two by three points. Maybe it sounds incredible, but it’s true. The whole game, the Bulls won a landslide victory on the rebound: 55 to 36. The reason, the difference between the two sides of the center. The bull side, to replace Gasol Lopez is doing the duty of traditional center of drudgery, rebound, score by Jianlou distance in vacancy opportunity should think twice; the Celtics chose to let the new aid center Hovde La to the outside, can be seen from time to time he wore the bull guard contempt eyes in the three – point line, awkward ball feint. More distress, Horford night did not catch an offensive rebound. Although only two pairs of the Gibson scored 18 points and 10 rebounds, Butler scored a Bull team high 24 points, on the field the most dazzling player tonight or a 35 year old veteran Wade. He is in the last moments of an attack a defense, directly kill rivals want to read. Wade tonight in three from a stunning performance 4 in 6, after the Chicago media joked that he has only one season before put into a mere 7 three pointers. In fact, Wade himself in the morning to the media revealed recently even feel good, "now I will go to open three ball, no longer do pull shot." After the final 26.3 seconds into helping the Bulls lock victory on the deadly three ball, Wade faced Celtic made a cutthroat gesture. "I don’t want to be addicted to three points. I want to keep their own strengths, but also want to make such agreeable ball. I’m very excited on the pitch tonight." Wade said after the game, I have the opportunity to practice with the coach (Hoiberg) shooting. He’s a great pitcher, he taught me something that was completely unexpected." Wade ‘s wife, who is also on twitter, marveled at her husband’ s feelings tonight. "Does it look like I was married to a three point expert? Who is the man on the court tonight?" In this相关的主题文章: