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Feng Ke suspected fake divorce undertaking Jane Zhang was cheated by "mistress" – Jane Zhang Feng Ke entertainment Sohu (information)   Sohu (all star entertainment news on the photo) yesterday Feng Ke Jane Zhang has just announced the upcoming wedding next month this morning, Jane Zhang mother was through the all star probe issued open letter accusing Feng Ke of embezzlement of company shares, Jane Zhang as a tool to make money, at noon Feng Ke also responded to this long micro-blog. Things become, the wedding can be held as scheduled and Jane Zhang’s mother also can make nothing of it, friends and to the all star on the book, exclusive commitment provides a Feng Ke Ke Feng commitment and ex-wife divorce in January 2006 within the content: "I promised to divorce Wei Lei and Feng Ke in January 2006 for the internal supervision of lawyers firm, is Feng Ke bear all the cost of study of his daughter Feng Yameng to graduate from high school." The undertaking is emblazoned with "in the lawyers’ stamp.   Jane Zhang’s mother’s friends said Feng Ke this letter of commitment as evidence of his divorce has passed it to Jane Zhang, after a period of time, Jane Zhang’s mother was again by chance a seal was found in Feng Ke’s car, bearing the inscription is "for firms", by comparison of the seal and the undertaking the stamp. Broke the news said, the suspected Feng Ke Sike seal, if the official is false, then this undertaking is forged, in order to deceive Jane Zhang Feng Ke.     in addition, you can see that the promise of the time is December 30, 2005, then in 2003 with Feng Ke together, Jane Zhang really became a "small three"". The open letter directed at Feng Ke Jane Zhang’s mother Jane Zhang as "cheating mistress", Feng Ke’s response also confirmed that, in 2003 Feng Ke fell in love with Jane Zhang when did not divorce, but not with Jane Zhang. Jane Zhang’s mother:  : open letter; Feng Ke responded::   according to media reports, Jane Zhang was "mistress" long-standing rumors, true if the smoke and mirrors, now the truth is finally clear, is to be disclosed in a month before the wedding of two people, is really a marvel. This message is reproduced from the cooperative media, reproduced the purpose is to disseminate more information, does not mean that this message stands on behalf of the site or agree with the description of the text, views. ]]相关的主题文章: