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The Fed’s decision struck investors to fasten the safety belt, sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Securities Times News Network (09) on 20 Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming in September the Fed rate decision will be announced in Beijing on the morning of 22, although the market is generally expected that the bank but investors still need to halt the troops and wait, on high alert, could exacerbate the short-term fluctuations in the market. With the high degree of financial and economic relations between the countries, whether the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates have a profound impact on the global financial markets and the world economy. However, the market is generally expected the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates at this meeting, but it is expected to release the signal of interest rate hike. UBS economist Drew Matus, Samuel Coffin and Dave Liang wrote in the report, the latest "bitmap" material shows that in 2016 the Fed rate hike to 1 times, the decision makers intend to start in December. NetEase precious metals chief strategist Yu Chenglong believes that the U.S. inflation rate rose steadily, which may be the only reason for the fed to raise interest rates during the year. However, the Fed is also facing difficulties in decision-making, from the overall performance of the market in September is expected to increase interest rates have been slowly digested, the probability of interest rate is almost zero. At the same time, the recent economic data released by the United States performance varies, investment institutions generally believe that the Fed’s interest rate hike in December may be greater, the probability of more than 62%. In addition, NetEase precious metals analyst team also believes that the recent economic data released by the United States is good or bad, the probability of interest rate hike in September is almost zero, so that the gold bull market to continue. With the increased signs of economic recovery, the Fed started in December last year nearly 10 years since the first interest rate hike began to slow the process of normalization of monetary policy, but the growth is less than expected, financial market volatility and other reasons, the Fed has been followed by halt the troops and wait. It is worth mentioning that the fed a 23 bond trading line two of Barclays and French Paris bank insisted that the Fed will announce this week to raise interest rates, this is the first time since September last year more than a level of transaction and other transactions for consensus is expected to produce differences. Previously, the Fed’s wavering leads to the volatility of the stock market to rise, after two months of U.S. stocks volatility has been in a very low level, but recently this calm was broken, if the Fed decided to give unexpected, the market volatility or increase will lead to massive sell-off. Whether or not the Fed rate hike, Citigroup analyst David Lubin said this week is a critical week, is expected after the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve meeting, the re pricing of assets, degree of tightness in the market than on the initial investors相关的主题文章: