Fantastic! They have 1.7 faces, but they are not very tall melia kreiling

Fantastic! They had 1.7 face but no taller than the afternoon of August 20th, Kunling drying out a self makeup on micro-blog, "starting out a recklessly." The photos in the makeup of the Kunling "lazy" guards full, long eyelashes curl, long curly hair messy scattered on the shoulder. Cough, which is worthy of the name of the sleeping beauty, the woman is not like a ghost in the morning! Automatic brain repair… ] this angelic face, she had to let the person daydream devil figure ~ usually mixed with long legs model face package sales. Wearing high heels and Jay Chou almost! This watch has Xiaoniaoyiren feel ~ Kunling is only 165 ~ but… Well, you shouldn’t be standing with Zhi Ling! But! In fact, a small, perhaps temperament dictates, it is difficult to let people ignore it! The proportion of Kun Ling is excellent, this from the top down according to the angle can also see the legs are very long, not five. Look at this face is overbearing offensive, the standard is not 170!! Indeed they are only 1 meters more than and 6…… Princess Zhang Tianai in the "promotion", which can be molested beauty, Huang sang down… But when [complete] read Oh ~ ~ cold bright face with signature smile really captured the hearts of thousands of girls!! In fact, almost as high as AB, dare not accept this fact… But every time Fan Bingbing dressed in gorgeous atmosphere, light aura on suppression of the everyone ~ take a picture with her at run male, Fan Bingbing was still a little higher than AB. The little girl is in the "golden pearl" Three Beauties "tall", no wonder his edge! In the hall such as wedding, three also finally together, how to carry out the youth to you, wish you happiness! Maybe more Guo Jizhang red carpet appearance, face, pointed chin, plus clavicle modification appears slender. "There was Brigitte Lin before, but only today was Zhang Ziyi." Director Wong Kar Wai praised, "she is full of sensual art daomadan." With the character of the east face, and with a strong, coupled with the deep bones of the temperament, people can not help but feel respect! Now Zhang Ziyi is just an ordinary mother, can not stop the baby’s mother, ha ha ha! When Fan Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi work together, the movie looks pretty much the same!! Sa Beining, graduated from Peking University, is a famous CCTV host, export written, humorous! The integrity of the face with his identity, there are people who feel that he is very tall, ha ha, in fact not – yes! And we, like He Jiong, you will know the answer! Look at this, Sa Beining has the feeling of a brother… Does not how to ride.相关的主题文章: