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Fan Bingbing AB why become photo killer? By this pair of ugly shoes aura! – Fashion – original title: Fan Bingbing AB Pingsha become photo killer? By this pair of ugly shoes aura! Xiaobian want to talk about the photo and killer Fan Bingbing Angelababy today, two of them as the goddess of nature color value is not low, but the only value of Yan can become photo killer? Not yet! Beautiful woman more to go, still largely rely on gas field! Put a few Fan Bingbing photos, said Yan and dressed, with aura this point win all the people, is worthy of fan ye! But Xiao Bian also found that, that is, her thick shoes! Indeed, Fan Bingbing’s secret of her face, her love and her this pair of hate day high! Look, look at this high Hentian high small shoes afraid, really not wrestling? No wonder so many people hold her every time! See, one of the three women play, on both sides of the face value of clothing are good, but the focus is entirely on the Fan Bingbing body, her this pair of shoes is too Qiangjing. No matter what kind of occasion, it is necessary that this pair of donkey hoof, black suit skirt with this pair of thick black shoes, really good high ah! And Wu Xin stood together completely she seckill, whether it is clothing or shoes, gas filling, white donkey hoof many pair! Entertainment love this pair of shoes there are so many people, one of which is baby, baby and Gao Yuanyuan still remember the last frame, the clever use of highly thick soled shoes will Gao Yuanyuan seckill it, but the shoes do not look good! Look at this shoe height properly 15 cm, it is careful to wear it, feeling no one will be wrestling! Walk the red carpet together and bestie Ni Ni can lose aura! Long black dress collocation bra Hentian high is full of Aura! A long black dress wearing very long legs, because wearing this pair of hate day high, but look at the shoes height, small are scared to death. Baby always love to wear the thick soles of shoes, early before and Mizuhara Kiko photo was wearing this pair of Hentian high but rose a fringed dress, a mix of ugly, can only say that the first won the height field! (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: