Fame is not worth playing 15 games yet to be published e2140

A little known but it is worth a play 15 not yet available in game PAX game exhibition held recently is a game event, every time, we can find many studios and independent developers to display their latest works. What’s more, these smaller games are more likely to surprise us than the big ones. Here, we list 15 of the games that are about to be launched in the future and are worthy of attention, although this may be the first time you know their names. "Echo" platform: PC game machine did not specify the date of issue: pending Ultra Ultra is a "ultimate Assassin" (Hitman) before the developers set up the studio, we have reason to believe that they developed the first game is to sneak into the game very strict system. One of the coolest things about Echo is that your enemies will know what you’re doing, and you’ll be able to fight back in the way you used to. Every place you explore in the game is conscious, and when the light is on, it will record every action you take. At the same time, the protagonist’s dark avatars are always searching for the hero to kill her. Lights will suddenly go out, as long as the player is not guaranteed to be found at the guard, you can take advantage of the opportunity to restart the palace, do whatever you want to do. When the lights are on, the enemy’s guard will take care of everything you’ve done in the previous game, whether you’ve been curled up in a corner, jumped over an obstacle, or fired a gun. Also, this will lead to a contradiction, when the enemy can follow your records to find you, you can also use this method for back – eating grapes attention, interrupt their patrols. The developer told me an anecdote: a super smart game player, when she palace lights, continue to retreat, resulting in the palace until after the restart, the enemy as she has been back, which effectively destroyed the enemy guards preemptive opportunity, this is really clever game player. "Redout": PC PS4 Xbox One landing platform release date: PC PS4 Xbox One will be landing; date to be determined in "anti gravity racing" (Wipeout) and "F" f-zero (F-Zero) after brilliant, no one made a similar game, but the development of the 34BigThings "Redout" anti gravity racing fill the blank. This is undoubtedly an amazing racing game, with a very fast speed and keen response. Instead of setting the throttle in the trigger button, "Redout" chose to use the right joystick to allow the player to be able to play with incredible accuracy and maximum speed in the game. "Secret Legend" landing platform: PC game machine did not specify the date of issue: 2017 (hopefully) "Secret Legend" is a relatively easy class Zelda game, game player in the game play is a fall into the beautiful world of cute fox, in this world can be back to the game player.相关的主题文章: