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Fahai Temple original design conference held in Beijing – Fashion – people.com.cn in the evening of October 13th, Fahai Temple in Beijing held a "Guiyuan heart" as the theme of the new release. The invitation to China famous designer Wu Haiyan personally, in Beijing Temple "Fahai Temple murals" as a creative source, design a series of traditional activated modern clothing and daily necessities. The famous designer Wu Haiyan, with 60 sets of clothing and exquisite beyond compare a series of scarves, home decoration, design work, Chinese wind brought a fashion color for this autumn, let more people through a piece of exquisite design and artistic creation, understand the cultural connotation of the works. Along the West Beijing Road to Fahai Temple, the head slowly to an invigorating autumn climate, China red blue days, the golden wall, the top four are harmonious and unified, pine and cypress slightly solemn yet smart, especially the main hall in front of two tree open temple there is two Pinus bungeana, flying dragon guarding here. Hillside Fahai Temple, a road to climb steadily, this was built in the Ming orthodox four years (1439) of the Buddhist temple, the use of carpenters, masons, bricklayers, painter, painting, etc., which lasted nearly 5 years, to eight years to build the orthodox. The temple is the most precious hall on the wall, a large number of murals, with high artistic value, and this is the origin of the creation of designer Wu Haiyan. The release of the works, natural flowers, geometric elements, but are actually taken from the people dressed decorative murals. Wu Haiyan said: "the Fahai Temple murals since Ming and Qing Dynasties, the existing rare by the court painter painted fine works, murals all Buddhist world of the Buddha Bodhisattva, the twenty heavens, flying fairies, auspicious clouds landscape it is these murals, bring my design inspiration. It can be said that these murals let me once again to understand the cultural connotation of China classical decoration, I also want to use modern design concept so that more people can see and love the most Chinese classic taste." This time the work, Wu Haiyan to the "five elements" concept as a creative backing, with silk fabric as the main carrier, will be the most adept at Chinese classical patterns, decorative patterns into which. Wu Haiyan said: since the end of 80s so far all my Chinese and foreign press conference is based on Chinese culture, silk as material. Previously, the world’s perception of China has two kinds of baby, one silk is porcelain, so far, the spread of Chinese culture has become one of the best image card two. The presentation of the garment fabric through the pattern weaving, hand-painted, embroidery and other systems and systems design methods, we need to practice and promote the creation and creation of Oriental characteristics. Indeed, we touch too much "tide", used to see a lot of graffiti and might make, but as a designer Wu Haiyan said, Chinese pattern is a treasure house of gold and silver, how to inherit and activation is the needs of various fields together with the culture and innovation, from life and above life. We need to rational treatment, through the aesthetic rule, examine and reconsider comparison of local macro methods to map creation technology, rigorous, material creation field design to achieve the desired goal. Let children know the pattern in China.相关的主题文章: