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On May 26, 2010, I listen to a webinar of the Urban Cowgirl to review her success using a Facebook pay site strategy. Cherie Yvette brands herself as the Urban Cowgirl and she has been a successful internet marketer for many years. She personally taught top 6 and 7 figure internet marketers such as Brian Fanale and Mike Dillard with PPC Google strategies. Brian Fanale owns a marketing system called MLM lead system pro. Mike Dillard sells attraction marketing books and videos at his .pany called Magnetic Sponsoring. I was impressed because both Brian Fanale and Mike Dillard are 2 top attraction marketing leaders in the industry. Cherie Yvette aka the Urban Cowgirl has recently switched from using PPC google to a Facebook pay site strategy. She decided to make a change because after research she found that she gets even better results generating leads and sales then with PPC Google. During the presentation, she showed examples of how she generates 1000 plus leads a day for as low as $.83 cents a lead. This was really impressive to me considering most marketers can make a nice in.e with 20 quality leads a day and some marketers will spend up to a $100 a day with PPC Google with a much smaller return on investment. Do you think a Facebook pay site strategy would work for you? Cherie Yvette does offer a support system to hold your had through the process. However, I believe the learning curve would be tough for someone not familar with how to generate leads on Facebook. I would re.mend buying this course if you already had success generating leads on Facebook. A Free way to generate leads on Facebook is to join network marketing groups on Facebook. Introduce yourself after adding and accepting friends on Facebook. Some of your Friends have phone numbers so you could call then to introduce yourself. Build relationship and then invite like minded people to your blog etc..and you will generate leads with a consistent effort. Once you have the basics down, then advance to creating your own fan page. This is a Free strategy that brands yourself as a leader. It is another way to build your list. You can invite people to attend marketing webinars and serious people will ask what you do. I believe Facebook PPC is a strategy that can be duplicated for everyone.However, you first have to establish the basics. Read below to listen to the Free Recorded Webinar. Before I started doing marketing I thought great marketers could even sell ice to Eskimos. Guess what? The big secret is: they never sell ice to Eskimos. They make sure they have an AMAZING offer first. Click here for your Free PPC Facebook Webinar . Learn how we’re creating financial freedom all across the world and how you can do the same today at my marketing training website. Have a great day! 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