Facebook EU antitrust legislation into the gray zone or adjust yuanmu

Facebook EU antitrust case in the gray zone legislation or adjust the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks 25 am Beijing time, the EU competition commissioner Vee Stagg (Margrethe Vestager) said on Wednesday that the German antitrust investigation for Facebook terms have been caught in a "grey area between competition and privacy". German antitrust agency, the Federal Cartel Office (FCO) announced in March this year, has launched an antitrust investigation on Facebook to determine whether it is in violation of data protection law and abuse of its market position. FCO said at the time: "we initially suspected that the Facebook on the use of user data in terms of ‘services’ in violation of the data protection act. Facebook asks the user to agree to some "incomprehensible" clause, and we highly doubt the legality of this action." In addition, FCO also said it is investigating whether the dominance of Facebook in the social networking market is related to the relevant provisions of the terms of service. How data and data is the Facebook and other technology companies in the abuse of Weiss is concerned. Vee Stagg said: "the data is more and more important, because it is becoming a new business. Knowledge and data are another form of money, another asset, not only related to the turnover of an enterprise." The European Union is considering adjustments to the rules that allow companies to control data or intellectual property rights for more scrutiny. Regulators will seek advice on the issue later this year. Vee Stagg said: "for us, it is important to ensure that some new industries continue to exist after the merger integration competition." Editor: Chen Yongle相关的主题文章: