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"-" face the brotherhood of love multi-faceted values _32 > > collision fantasy city;; > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news media produced by Yao off, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Medina and other high value of fantasy drama "Yan star LED the city of fantasy" is Hunan TV every Monday, Tuesday night 22:00 diamond independent radio theater hit. "-" although there is a complex relationship between the characters, the characters but each one has its own merits, each character of each other, very popular. Yesterday (September 12th) Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu ornaments) ascended the throne but discovered the fire family plot, Hyun was killed, pear fall mad couch etc. the rhythm of the plot tension high constantly, very suction eye. "City of fantasy" figures of fantasy love hate modern mapping each one has its own merits emotional concept "-" from the theme to the other, clothing, in the domestic TV drama is a kind of new existence. Completely overhead view of the world building, East and west wind Fairy Magic elements combined make "-" appears in a series of fantasy drama is very novel, but the emotion concept is the reality of life mapping, multiple values also led to extensive hot debate: the audience William Feng as a psychic waste as Picasso but still want to protect the loved one, as the traditional concept of the chivalrous person in both martial arts level and the mind realm; Victoria Song’s daughter is the pear falls manly, to save the castle further north to ban wild never returned; Ma Tianyu’s brother Sakura empty release free a relentless struggle fate although the cold, but there is still a kind subtly malicious bottom line; Zhang Meng’s brilliant Dan body has decent heart in love the villain, injured to rescue women from exhausted soul, but love So; as Medina Sang Lan is the interpretation of the love of a person pay no regrets, bold expression of love love in modern philosophy. "City of fantasy" figures each individual body, each one has its own merits, the feature is very sharp, unforgettable. A TV show to impress the audience but the characters of love and hate, "-" to reflect the characters of the emotional entanglements also extends to reflect more on the emotional value concept. For example, the couple’s life long winded crane ephemera compared to the cherry blossom season short still brilliant life metaphor is actually a change of two people treat emotional concept, instead of suffering as the enjoyment of life down clear very frustrating. The play reflects the concept of life and death, the contest between good and evil desire and lies are also very thought-provoking. "-" a brotherhood squad hero alliance – to plot in the TV drama interpretation of "city of fantasy", in addition to concern in disputes between love, love to kill the brotherhood, by Wang Duo (decorated, Lu Zhen Zi Huang Tuo) (Shi Yueshen), Xu Ke (decorated old star), Chao ya (Chen Xinyu, Zhang Yujian (film), Liu Dongqin (Liaoning wind ornaments) splash ornaments) and other components of the hero squad also attracted the attention of many viewers. The showbiz couple in the "-" all gave their debut debut, despite the showbiz fresh face, but the acting is in place: Doctor benevolence in the face of the moon when the emperor in second huskies, seamless switching between the jade son and dog small boyfriend; hot body material but there is no moon.相关的主题文章: