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Lippi signed Hengda 3 annual salary of $20 million worth of the world’s top coach in Europe – Sohu sports   Lippi countdown countdown! This morning, according to Italy media authority, "Rome sports newspaper" reported that former Hengda coach Marcello Lippi has confirmed the return in the early next year, the Italy media have exposed the details of the contract: "Rome sports newspaper" reported that Lippi Lippi will sign the contract details   a three year contract with Hengda price of 60 million euros. Lippi overwhelmed by the annual salary of 20 million euros, will be far more than he was when he coached Hengda Euro 8 million. 19 million euros a year and he will also overtake Manchester City boss Guardiola, became the highest paid coach in world football. A lot of people ask, Lippi worth the money? The answer is yes! As the founder of Hengda Dynasty, Lippi’s tactical ability and tactical pattern in the place, but also good at promoting new. Although Scolari led the team in the super AFC Champions League double win, but Scolari in the quake and tactical changes obviously as the wily fox. This year, Lippi has served as technical adviser to short-term Italy’s Football Association, but the reason is the FIGC sacked, this also let Laoshuai very angry, determined to leave the Mediterranean yacht, back in a career, but the best choice is the old club Guangzhou evergrande. Lippi’s arrival, but also means that the foreign aid Hengda reshuffle. Who walks who stay in fact everyone is very clear, in which the J horse and violent bird to leave the possibility.相关的主题文章: