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Sports-and-Recreation Have you ever wanted to take a tropical vacation to a location where you would be able to have fun and play as well as learn something? Costa Rica is an ideal location to have the best of both of those worlds. Splash in the beautiful turquoise oceans and take up learning Spanish. Or enjoy diving in the warm, inviting waters off the coast of Costa Rica. Going to a foreign country can be both exhilarating and frustrating. With all the sights to see and things to do it’s a fun time. However, the barrier of not being able to speak fluently with the local population can be aggravating. By vacationing to Costa Rica, you can spend time studying abroad learning the language as well as having fun! In Costa Rica, the "Ticos" or local population will gladly help you in your learning quest. The teachers are local, native speaking, and teach at levels found in universities. You will get well-rounded education. Coupling two hours in the classroom and two hours of applied instruction, you will retain what you have learned much easier. Courses last from one to four weeks depending on what you sign up for. Since you won’t be studying all day, and classes are only Monday to Friday, why not spend your free time doing something fun! Diving in Costa Rica is exactly what you need after a day filled with instruction. Offered is the CMAS 1 Star Diving Certification. This should leave you safe in the water and also make you feel confident about diving. Diving into the water you will find many different reefs. Most of them are formed from volcanoes and coral. With depths from 25 to 115 feet and water temperature of 78-84F, and great visibility, this is proven to be a spectacular experience. With plenty of dive sites located off the coast, you will definitely not be in short supply of something interesting to see. When you have seen enough coral, don’t forget to enjoy the fish that you will see while diving. From Trumpet Fish to Fine-spotted Moray Eels, there is not a short supply of fish during your dive. You may even encounter sharks, starfish, dolphins, and many other aquatic animals. Don’t worry, though. The sharks are non-aggressive. If you are interested in both diving in Costa Rica and learning Spanish, there are .bination programs for both. Take a four week Spanish and Scuba Program. You get your Spanish classroom instruction, basic CPR, scuba dives, snacks and drink while on scuba boat, a guided waterfall hike, and more!! Now is the time to act on your dream vacation desire and book a diving vacation in Costa Rica. Couple that with Spanish instruction, and you will have fun and learn some knowledge you can take home with you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: