Expert F -20 will become the backbone of our army equipment can not export military — people

Expert: F -20 will become the key equipment in   army; impossible exports in ten years — the military — data figure: F -20 fighter flight photograph recently October 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be staged in Zhuhai from November 1st to 6. With the -20 large transport service, the f -20 fighter is becoming more and more mature, and the export of JF-17 and other domestic military aircraft, China aviation industry and aviation products export concern. A military expert told reporter in an interview that the future will be the f -20 fighter is one of the backbone of our military equipment. China’s military aircraft to expand the international market is still a new breakthrough. AVIC announced airshow is focused on "three 20", will be highlighted to create "20 series of concepts". In addition to the previous speculation, has unveiled the -20 large aircraft, domestic fighter -20 fighter, or straight -20 helicopter in Zhuhai will be the first show. About the possibility of the three items of the arms, the experts believe that the future will be the f -20 fighter is one of the key operations of our military equipment, if equipment is able to reach more than 200 aircraft, called the "trump card" weapon. As an important equipment of our army, the aircraft is unlikely to be exported within the next ten years. In contrast, -20 aircraft is a general purpose product for export; straight -20 as a transport helicopter, its use and a wide range of needs, but also may attract a lot of countries to purchase intentions. "L-15" Falcon "of domestic higher education, FC-1 ” ‘fighter has been out of the country. China’s aviation products also need to continue to work in the development of models, technical level, economy and reliability, in order to further expand the international market." Experts said that in recent years, the rapid development of China’s aviation industry, but still in the export of military aircraft to be a new breakthrough. The China airshow this platform, aviation manufacturing enterprises can communicate with potential customers, expand the future market. Experts said that China’s aviation industry and industrial development is still a long way to go, as long as adhere to the independent research and development, adhere to domestic demand, taking into account the export of ideas, our military and civil aviation industry level will rise, Chinese airshow will further enhance the level of internationalization. F -20 change again! Column installed and then nearly a step? (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo and Zhao Gang)相关的主题文章: