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Exclusive, Wu Liang: the next book to talk nonsense and mixed together – Sohu culture channel lead: Wu Liang said, "when he wrote" the dawn was put to have have a fever. The Ministry of last century in 70s Shanghai people’s novel is Wu Liang’s first novel, he spent 25 words to describe a group of "no hiding place", in the background, they are wandering on the edge, in the political discourse beyond the city in another face of that era. The evaluation of Wu Liang’s novels is his "savage", he did not care about the fine structure, also unlike Gustave Flaubert’s underground pen, his novel closer to Cortazar, massive pieces of information in a continuous tone emerged, numerous threads tend to be placed in the youshiwuzhong. Wu Liang said, this is life itself, as you meet a person, but his story will end? He may never come again, but you remember him. Wu Liang, a famous literary critic and novelist. In the China literature of the 1980s once the limelight is very healthy, and sensitive to the sharp criticism for "Literature", the author choose "artists and friends", "dialogue criticism found", "old Shanghai — dead time", "dawn" etc.. Has the function of all Sohu culture: your original text can be said that the story will disappear but the language will stay, including you with a lot of white to replace the psychological description in the book "dawn", and drama style of writing, language is to you what it means? Wu Liang: this book have a variety of sounds, such as talking or narration, even recite, for example you can see the "Bible", it can also be something from the heart, there is a great man, men and women, there are also debates, telling stories, so the function of language can be said to be almost everything. This language is not just talking nonsense, for me, the first word came out after the novel began, it is a starting point. The word out of second words, second words third words, so it is a must to find the origin, said it is a bit mysterious, but the reality is not so, all of the first word is not behind. Of course, not to say the word can not be changed, then of course is a novel to describe, can report to imitate, to record, it can be said to have all functions, so all human knowledge, all of the narrative, all this is true story, the word is one thing most magical. Only human beings can master this thing. "Dawn", Wu Liang, the people’s Literature Publishing House Sohu culture: do you think there is no language can’t be described? Wu Liang: of course, but it still can do it by means of language, words can only be sensed, but also say, understands, because there are a lot of words, then we have, or I can say, this can only be figured out, you said this is a psychological pain or pain, it is very difficult. From the language to see a nation, whether it is said to be painful or happy, its words.相关的主题文章: