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Vacation-Rentals Trekking is a common activity in a host of tourist spots, especially due the Westerners fascination to have a close tryst with nature. If you are really game for a unique trekking experience, the tiny but picturesque country of Bhutan with an amazing landscape that it shares with the majestic Himalayas is just the place to try. The primeval forests of Pine and Cyprus, the rugged and steep climb of the Himalayan slope are experiences that one does not encounter every day. Coupled with it is the quiet and the calm nature that is dotted with a rare population of flora and fauna. The short treks Laws of the land stipulate that you have to arrange your trekking itinerary only through the local tour operator for reasons of safety and also environmental preservation. The trekking tours can last from five days to almost a month depending on your energy level. There are several Bhutan trekking packages that cover the routes that have developed following the paths that ancients of the land followed and are challenges in themselves. The Jhomolhari is one such famous route where the trek begins from the famous Drugyal Dzong ruins with a trek of three days before reaching the base camp. The trek returns to Thimpu with the LinzhiValleyenroute. The popular choice Another famous trek route is the Druk Path that is the ancient route between Paro and Thimpu. Being a short trek, it is one of the most popular and the trekker gets the opportunity to explore the fresh mountain forests and the alpine lakes. One shorter trek is that of the Bumthang that is dotted with religious sites. The operator is likely to begin the trek from the Menchugang and end in JakarDzong giving the trekker ample opportunity to encounter a range of flora and fauna while passing through the colorful forests. Trekking the heartland For a trekking experience that will take you through the heartland and also give you a raw taste of the native culture, opt for one of the topBhutan trekking packages that will take you to Merak and Sakteng. The region is home to the semi-nomadic tribes with herds of yak free roaming the terrain. The trek route is a moderate one and has aesthetic campsites to blend in with the environment and also the local architecture. Such a trek can last for as long as two weeks if you are willing to visit the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary. Trekking the long, isolated terrain Perhaps the most famous of all trekking route in Bhutan is the Snowman Trek that can last up to twenty-five days. The start and the end point traverse through the length of the country starting from Paro in the south to Lunana in the north traversing eleven passes. The trek is indeed one of the most challenging, and there are few habitations with the route mostly passing through the isolated terrain. Yet, the experience is sure to be spectacular with the best season for trekking being from September to October when the flora and fauna are resplendent. Article Source: .articles../exciting-bhutan-trekking-packages-for-varying-durations/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: