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Excellent parent-child: parents often say that 8 words, keep outstanding children so simple! Sohu often have a lot of maternal parents complain that children of trouble, adults say always deaf or just casually perfunctory, take "ignore" attitude. So, how to let the children pay attention to their parents? Perhaps the following mother’s practice will make you harvest. Many of my friends very envy the mother of the child, not only study hard, and polite love to share. But everyone to "learn", Ma Fengfeng Fengfeng mother said what education method? My thought with FF speech also headache, reason earnestly, he turned and ran away. Sometimes I want to hit him, and I’m afraid of hurting him. Later, I thought, since nagging and criticism useless, then in another way: to encourage him. Did not expect this effect immediately. And we just say these 8 words, but easily raised a good child. What are the 8 words? Mom and Dad, let’s listen to it! "Never mind, you are great!" if only the shortcomings of the child in your eyes, then the child how to believe their own advantages? Sometimes, change a kind of perspective of child, let you adapt to children’s temperament and attitude perhaps, you will find that in fact not what big problem. The children always have setbacks, I wish mom most often do is to give him a hug to comfort him, "never mind, you are great!" soon, the child in the mother’s comfort to resolve out of frustration, find the courage, love is even more close to mother. "We are by your side." It is easy for a child to lack a sense of security and to feel helpless when trying something new, because he is not sure whether it will make a difference to his experience. This time, parents must let the children know that no matter how big the difficulties encountered, parents are quietly guarding the children around the child. "We are on your side," this sentence will imply that children do not be afraid, the most wrong, parents still support you. Try new things will let the children learn independence, rapid growth. Mom and dad would rather do the child’s spiritual guard, do not do the child’s universal robot, so a lot of this sentence, and then let the children boldly to conquer it." When the child was in the best of spirits his mind, even very naive, also please parents understand his heart. Understanding does not mean to cover up conflicts, mistakes and shortcomings, but to stand on the same front with the child. Then tell the child, most of the mistakes are not due to the character or quality defects, but he is still lack of experience. Adults also grow up slowly, but also ask parents to treat their children, you do! When the child began to try new things, to a large extent, the need for parents to trust and encourage. Optimistic parents encourage him, so that the child is full of positive attitude. For example, children just learn to ride a bike, learn to skate, learn the piano, learn calligraphy, or some habits. Parents should rest assured that he told me: you have been slowly progress, do not worry,!相关的主题文章: