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Politics Women representatives of the European Parliament (EP) naturally spend their time demanding privileges and benefits for single women and their children. Women’s rights have nothing to do with equal opportunity for women. They’re all about demanding benefits for irresponsible and selfish women usually at the expense of men and their fundamental rights and their children. Here’s what’s going on the EP. The European Parliament is important because decisions on new European laws are made jointly by Parliament and the Council of Ministers, which represents Member States. Parliament plays an active role in drafting legislation which has an impact on the daily lives of its citizens. .mittees are set up to draft legislation in specific areas. The ‘Women’s Rights .mittee’ is offering legislative ideas on benefiting the growing number of single woman families. The Chair of the .mittee, Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson said "societies and family set-ups are changing, so we need to take into account new family situations." So, Italian MEP Barbara Matera will draft Parliament’s report on the subject of the "exponentially growing number of mothers in poverty". She underlined importance of ending gender discrimination, ensuring responsibility of fathers and conditions for conciliating family and working life. Rossana Trifiletti (Florence University, Italy) added "Lone parenthood is still seen as a deviation from the regarded classic model". She continued, "but if the potential of single parents is not used social and cultural capital is wasted". The Liedekerke report divided the findings into three categories. Firstly, women with children wanted more flexible working times and easier access to crèches (day care) and more flexible school hours. In addition they wanted recognition from society of the role that mothers play and finally they want more time to take care of and educate their children. Many participants stressed the importance of empowerment and that simple cash transfers from the State do not necessarily helps. *Now .es ‘Need’ for ‘Women’s Rights Benefits: Danish Socialist MEP Britta Thomsen urged European legislation on child support (as is done in Denmark) where the State pays the mother and the father pays the State so mothers are not financially vulnerable after divorce. Anne-Claire de Liedekerke called for childcare products to have lower VAT and for the pensions system to reflect the contribution on mothers to GDP. Peggy Liebisch, for the Federal association of single parents in Germany (VAMV) called for a reform of in.e tax and the setting of quotas for women. And finally, Hungarian Socialist Zita Gurmai, (S&D) said that, on the other side, also in order to help these mothers to better reconcile their work and family life, we should encourage all programs, tax cuts and employer benefits that help to create and maintain decent and family-friendly workplaces for these women. *The truth of the matter: The feminist movement in Europe as in America has nothing to do with equality but with enforcing unequal rights for fathers and mothers. That feministic policy refuses a father his parental rights to raise his children; fosters mothers to divorce, to not marry, or to not share parenting rights with fathers. And then the feministic policy demands the ‘responsibility of a father to pay the mother for depriving him of his children. That’s why there’s an exponentially growing number of single mothers in poverty. And, as you read above, we supposedly shouldn’t look badly of these single women, but find ways to reward them for denying fathers their children and the direct support that a father can give to his children who live with him – generally under a marriage arrangement. If both fathers and mothers were granted equal rights to parent their children under divorce or paternity and each told to directly support them as do ‘conventional married parents’ then one parent couldn’t extort money from the other – as mothers do now. And fathers wouldn’t be.e impoverished under such extortion and lack of incentive to flourish. If that were the case everyone would be better off and more women may stay married to properly raise their children. But marriage and women’s responsibility is not part of the feminist mindset that these Women Members of the European Parliament have. No, they’re just interested in extorting money from the state and fathers while denying those fathers’ parental rights, and ultimately denying their children their fathers. The ‘state’ that feminists are helping to create is a tyranny – centered on women’s privileges at the expense of fathers, their rights, freedom, and children. Women’s Rights is a fraud – the feminist fraud. It should be recognized and exposed for what it is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: