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Senior high school entrance examination reform program: a substantial reduction plus evaluation quality play a leading role in Beijing – the Ministry of Education announced the senior high school entrance examination reform program implementation of junior high school proficiency test significantly reduced the quality evaluation points play a leading role in JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) yesterday, the Ministry of Education issued "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform. The details of senior high school entrance examination enrollment system reform. China will implement junior high school proficiency test in the pilot areas, will be mainly based on the academic proficiency test complete junior high school and senior high school students as a test of students, to achieve a "exam", many students reduce the burden of Pro forma. It is reported that the reform of the entrance examination will start from 2017 after the beginning of the first phase of the students. Two test one into the academic proficiency test of the basic education of two person in charge of the senior high school entrance examination, the goal of the reform is to gradually establish a "senior high school proficiency test scores and comprehensive quality evaluation of junior middle school" admission mode, change the current high school enrollment will be part of academic achievement as the only basis of the sum of admission practices overcome only on the score. He stressed that the implementation of junior high school proficiency exam is not cancelled but the senior high school entrance examination, junior high school graduation exam and high school entrance examination be made one implementation test for multiple purposes, and avoid repeated examination. The Ministry of education responsible person, the scope of national curriculum program set by the subjects are included in the academic proficiency test, namely "general examination". On the content of the test to reduce the content of pure memory and mechanical training; in the way of presenting the results, we can use the scores, grades and other forms of presentation. At the same time, the examination subjects will be changed. Language, mathematics, foreign language as a basic subject, unified admission score as subjects; sports are included in the admission score subjects, test scores or other scientific requirements, guide students to strengthen physical exercise. According to the principle of moderate burden, and simultaneously, determined by the other pilot areas into the "admission score of subjects, prevent group partial section. The reform is also proposed, in the premise of each course qualified, can also give students the right to choose, the development of students’ strengths. This also means that the students’ academic proficiency test, will be able to choose in addition to language, mathematics, foreign languages, sports other than the "admission points". At the same time, to both arts. There is no choice of subjects, not only to learn, to test, but also to achieve qualified". It is reported that around the nature and characteristics of different disciplines, to determine the specific examination methods and methods. Comprehensive quality evaluation will be recruited according to the Ministry of Education said that the reform explicitly asked the pilot areas to the overall quality of the evaluation of high school enrollment as a basis or reference, so in the past in a subordinate position ", refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation" to become the protagonist. Specifically, in the content of evaluation, it is necessary to refine and improve the ideological and moral character, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice five aspects of evaluation content and requirements. Stressed the need to do a realistic record, the selection of typical facts of the material, will be used to recruit students to use the facts of the material publicity, audit, the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the file, so rigorous procedures,.相关的主题文章: