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English writing: how to extract useful material in the face of many candidates IELTS examiners from Fan Wenzhong, the selected material and the argument was very distressed, so often see some articles or materials is conducive to the accumulation of material point of view. BBC, CNN and even economist certainly are good choices, but the tension in the IELTS, in speaking and writing in four directions of the duck in the battle, most of the candidates can not have too much time to read through a large number of these high vocabulary, lots of text to complete the views and arguments of the accumulation; even after reading how to extract information, screening information, and then transformed into views and arguments can be used for IELTS writing is also a small engineering. But, for most writing around 5-6 points candidates, need to improve is not the so-called rich novel arguments and views (because the score standards and not the novelty of arguments and opinions have any requirements), but how accurate the proper arguments by examining the viewpoint of services, and make English speaking the examiner can understand the way the right words. The New Oriental online Xie Shuang teacher by the details of Cambridge examiner Fan Wenzhong 7Test3 Zhenti to show you how to model, through the examiner: As most people argument specifies the views of spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individualwellbeing. What factors contribute to job satisfaction How realistic is the expectation of? Job satisfaction for all workers? First, topic have some very useful information for everyone to accumulate points and arguments: 1 job satisfaction well-being— as long as it is related to "work class topic, subject content as long as it is conducive to improving employee satisfaction" or "enhanced happiness" so, you can choose to view and view Writing, presentation of the sentence can be "… (the contents of the title play important role in) an enhance job satisfaction the sense of well-being among employees." but for "well-being", can be used for a wider range of topics, if the "government" in the title of the topic, then the government practices to improve is the the citizens’public well-bei相关的主题文章: