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Arts-and-Entertainment Emily Maynard is planning to move to Austin to stay with Bachelor Brad Womack, along with her daughter Ricki. Emily Maynard, who was selected by The Bachelor Brad Womack, is reportedly moving to Austin along with her 5-year-old daughter Ricki to stay with him. The reports said that, she is getting her condo to Austin. Emily Maynard Moves to Austin According to the sources, Emily Maynard has denied in the past, to move to Austin. But, she felt to be with Brad Womack. Emily is got her daughter from her grand parents and is willing to start a family in Austin. As per the sources, there were lot of rumors flying around that, Brad would be moving to Charlotte to stay with Emily and her daughter. But, he denied on the twitter that, he is not leaving Austin to move for Charlotte. He has got four bars along with his brother, who is a twin to him in Austin and it will be very difficult for them to manage, if he moves to Charlotte. He also said that, he is ready to .promise anything for love except moving to Charlotte. He added that, he has got his career in Austin and he got his roots, which he could not afford to leave Austin. He already said in the beginning of the show The Bachelor that, he is searching for his love and a wife, who is willing to Austin and he made it very clear till the end of the show. Emily Maynard decided to move to Austin, after Brad spent two weeks with her daughter Ricki in her home of Charlotte. They walked down the streets with holding their hands with love and also sent messages to each other through twitter. Womack, who used to drink a lot on Friday, changed himself and saw two movies of kids and spent the entire Friday with them. They also went to church and also visited Charlotte Discovery Center along with Ricki. He gifted Ricki with a kitten. Emily also went to Austin, to meet Brad Womack and walked down the Austin streets laughing at each other holding their hands with love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: