Eighty-one skydiving team at home and abroad competition won 8 gold, 43 year old veteran with 3 Mili-thinkpad s230u

Eighty-one skydiving team won 8 gold field at home and abroad take 3 – 43 year old veteran Sohu military channel page first: the fortieth parachute World Championship awards [click the picture to the next page] Moscow Kubinka, CISM fortieth skydiving World Championships, with two straight, "air force blue" stood on the championship podium. For young men point champion Gao Tianbo, runner up Lu Shanmao to salute the flag. In the China news: the Rio Olympics ended, Chinese Olympic athletes especially women’s volleyball players show fighting spirit to bring people excited and moved is far from over. 8 months early, in the women’s volleyball team spirit, inspiration and encouragement, China people’s Liberation Army Parachute Team (air force parachute brigade) in domestic and international arena fighting courageously, in one fell swoop, won 8 gold medals, with practical actions to win glory for the motherland, for the flag. In early August the end of the fortieth session of the international military parachuting World Championships, 81 parachuting team (air force parachute brigade) won 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze. The national skydiving Championships ended in 24 days, eighty-one skydiving team (air force parachute brigade) the same success, won 6 gold, 4 Silver and 5 bronze, gold medals and medals won are ranked first in the team. The two event, the Bayi Parachute Team (air force parachute sports team) sent a combination of old and new players, not only to exercise the team, but also to allow young players to accumulate experience in the contest. In the "blue sky for", our army parachuting athletes to China women’s volleyball team as an example, the courage to overcome difficulties, the courage to accept the challenge, the weather is changeable, fierce, fierce competition situation, solidarity, peace, tenacious struggle, race out of spirit, and will make the wind, show the China soldier the new era spirit in battle, especially the old players, old players, young players have the courage to play the middle reflects the excellent soldier follow up a victory with hot pursuit, quality and style. 43 year old Liang Yong is the outstanding representative of Chinese parachuting athletes, high Chinese active skydiving experience parachuting athletes of the first peacetime training hard, tenacious style. In the national skydiving Championships, his mission in mind, endure pain fight tooth and absolute advantage to win men, fully and delightfully stunt men’s all-around champion two, and teammate Li Jialin, Lu Shanmao, Zhang Zuolei, Gao Tianbo, solidarity and cooperation, play a role in the team spirit and mainstay Henan, Shanxi Parachute Team to catch up, in one fell swoop the collective man under the heaviest gold point. In addition, the project in the youth games, female athletes won the red bayberry young woman stunt, young woman all two gold medals, female athletes Sihan Jane in a young girl won the game point. The fortieth session of the international military parachuting World Championships held in Moscow, a total of 30 countries and 184 soldier athletes. The competition is extremely fierce competition, from Austria, Germany, Russia and other countries to participate in the top military competition. The young man point in the game, at the age of 21 and high over the 22 year old Lu Shanmao joined the attack, two young calm, impatient, jumped out of the spirit of their hit rate, which has opened the score difference, do this.相关的主题文章: