Education experts educational experiment is not good to enhance the ability to learn is the

Education experts: not to engage in educational experiments to enhance the learning ability is the fundamental – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) "many educational institutions are engaged in education reform, in fact the real experiment is not much, the real education experiment is not good in. There are many schools named what experimental school, in fact, most schools do not have the real experiment, experiment is the individual experiment. If you want to cultivate the ability of students to develop in an all-round way, it is possible to promote the development of students." Shi Long, former president of Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, today expressed concern about some of the local education reform and experiment. The 2016 education evaluation seminar organized by the Institute of education in China today, when the Dragon now pointed out several major problems facing the development of education in primary and secondary schools: one is to study the tendency of alternative learning ability is obvious; two is the trend of technology driven learning skills learning ability is formed; three is to simplify administration the way a strong push learning ability have occurred; four is a single experiment or reforms to boost the learning ability is very common; the five is to cover the fine learning ability oriented education problems still exist. "We train what the question is clear, but it is also ambiguous. In fact, education is to cultivate the ability of all-round development, to promote his lifelong development." When the Dragon said, people’s literacy consists of two levels: basic literacy and core literacy. There are only two core elements of students’ development: moral accomplishment and learning ability. At present, both are faced with many problems. He believes that the ability to learn is not only the ability to learn knowledge, but also the students’ ability to practice and innovation in the field of life and morality. People often mention the quality, quality, morality can be obtained through learning. Improving students’ learning ability is an important theme of educational reform and development. We now enhance the learning ability of students, we must first clear that students are learning in their own. Must let students learn how to learn, in their own way to learn, and not in accordance with the students learn good ways to learn, not by the teacher to provide you with a way to learn, this is the study on independent development, this should be the parties to cooperate with the given transformation." When the Dragon said. "I did see some of the school’s demo classes, classroom teaching is really good, really delicate, really good test oriented education." When long believes that the exam oriented education is still relatively strong, quality education is also developing, with the promotion of core literacy, China’s primary and secondary education should be able to get better. (end)相关的主题文章: