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Eddie Peng Zhang Hanyu: the envy of "natural MAN" – Culture — people.com.cn original title: Eddie Peng admired Zhang Hanyu natural MAN war country, Liu Xianda, Eddie Peng, Zhang Hanyu team debut. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Yixuan photo yesterday, directed by Lin Chaoxian, Huang Jianxin, Liang Fengying, producer of the gangster action movie "the Mekong River action" held a press conference in Beijing, the core members of Eddie Peng, starring Zhang Hanyu, Liu Xianda, and country "drug squad" to camouflage uniform handsome appearance of gas. Eddie Peng film in the ever-changing shape, he said he was envious of the natural of MAN. Zhang Hanyu wants Ang Lee to see the film. In narcotics captain Zhang Hanyu and special agent Eddie Peng in a bright one in the dark, although the Allies did continue to spark. There are many sets of rough shape Eddie Peng play, he laughed and said the film is in line with other characters, "I am very infatuated with the beard." Eddie Peng also said that Zhang Hanyu is the envy of the "natural MAN" style, he revealed that he had painted hair water, but not what, finally only posted a beard, create a rough effect. Eddie Peng also said a lot about the role of ask the question to Zhang Hanyu, two people when filming "danger", "together we have experienced 40 degrees high temperatures, boils together, together with the tired." The movie star Jackie Chan "machine blood" rumors, Eddie Peng yesterday officially clarified: "I was the eldest brother Jackie Chan fans, and he also had dinner together, but I never received a" machine "blood solicitation, this report is not fair to brother Jackie Chan and Mr. Show Luo." (reporter Gao Yufei) (commissioning editor Chen Can and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: