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To combat illegal fund-raising network early warning is the key to all the chaos of the Internet in the financial sector in China, so many people are hesitant, which is obviously not conducive to the healthy development of the Internet finance this new thing. Therefore, strengthen the research and legislation of Internet financial development, effectively regulate the Internet banking is undoubtedly a pressing matter of the moment – leaf spring according to the Xinhua News Agency reported that 21 suspects concern e rent treasure platform by Beijing prosecutors approved the arrest. Among them, "e rent treasure platform actual controller, Yucheng group board of directors chairman of the Executive Board of Ding Ning, suspected fraud, illegal deposits from the public, the crime of illegal possession of firearms and other crimes. In addition, a number of suspects related to the case were also arrested by the procuratorial organs. In recent years, China’s illegal financing case is increasing with the Internet platform, there are two main reasons: the first is because in recent years the development of Internet financial industry rapidly, although the Internet Finance in reducing the transaction cost, the activation of private investment plays the advantages of convenient, flexible and efficient, but the laws and regulations of the Internet the financial aspects of the relative lag, people’s understanding of it is still in the fuzzy state, so that some of the network lending platform there is a big risk. Some criminals use people’s understanding of the Internet financial knowledge, deliberately confuse concepts, fuzzy boundaries, and carry out various illegal activities. Like "e rent treasure by buying such enterprises or shell companies registered in the way of network fictitious project, is a means of illegal fund-raising. Second, the increase of illegal fund-raising cases on the Internet, and China’s current economic situation also has a direct relationship. The current downtown pressure on the economy increase, according to the National Bureau of Statistics figures show that in 2015 Chinese GDP growth of 6.9%, a GDP growth rate of 25 year low, and are associated with the stock market of our country, and also the poor performance of currencies. Therefore, a large number of private capital lack of effective export, which leads to illegal fund-raising cases prone and frequent. Because the network illegal fund-raising case involves many people, the amount is big, if does not handle well, extremely easy to cause the social risk. Take "e rent treasure" illegal fund-raising case as an example, the case involving the amount of up to about fifty billion yuan, involving about nine hundred thousand investors. In the face of the high risk areas of Internet financial reality, this year the central political work conference have attached great importance to the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Central Political Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu at the meeting pointed out that the law enforcement authorities to "in accordance with the deployment of the central economic work conference, together with relevant departments to carry out special rectification of the Internet in the financial sector, promote the regulation and supervision of activity of private lending, to minimize the impact on social stability". The key to prevent and control the Internet financial risk is to establish and improve the inter regional and inter departmental warning system. Internet banking involves a wide, relying on public security department alone is certainly inadequate, but when the public security departments involved in the case, often the damage has been caused a lot of damage is difficult to recover. Therefore, to combat Internet financial crimes, the public security organs should cooperate with the CBRC, Internet management and other relevant departments.

打击网络非法集资 预警很关键   我国互联网金融领域中的种种乱象,让很多人对此望而却步,这显然不利于互联网金融这一新生事物的健康发展。为此,加强互联网金融的研究与立法工作,有效规范互联网金融的发展无疑是当务之急   □ 叶 泉   据新华社报道,备受关注的“e租宝”平台的21名涉案人员被北京检察机关批准逮捕。其中,“e租宝”平台实际控制人、钰诚集团董事会执行局主席丁宁,涉嫌集资诈骗、非法吸收公众存款、非法持有枪支罪及其他犯罪。此外,与此案相关的一批犯罪嫌疑人也被各地检察机关批准逮捕。   近年来,我国借助互联网平台进行非法集融资的案件有增多趋势,原因主要有两方面:第一是因为近年来互联网金融业发展迅速,虽然互联网金融在降低交易成本、激活民间投资等方面发挥了其灵活高效、方便快捷的优势,但是由于互联网金融方面的法律法规相对滞后,人们对它的认识也还处在相对模糊的状态,以致一些网络借贷平台存在较大风险。一些不法分子利用人们对互联网金融知识的不了解,故意混淆概念、模糊界限,进行各种非法活动。像“e租宝”这样用收买企业或者注册空壳公司等方式在网络平台上虚构项目的情况,只是各种非法集资手段中的一种。   第二,互联网非法集资案的增多,与我国当前经济形势也有直接关系。当前我国经济下行压力增大,据国家统计局公布的数字显示:2015年中国国内生产总值增长6.9%,创GDP增速25年来新低,而与之相伴的是,我国的股市和汇市亦表现不佳。因此,大量的民间资本缺少有效的出口,从而导致非法集资案件易发、多发。   由于网络非法集资案涉及人数多、金额大,如果处理不好,极易引发社会风险。以“e租宝”非法集资案为例,案件涉及金额高达五百多亿元,涉及投资人约九十万名。   面对互联网金融领域风险高发的现实,今年的中央政法工作会议对此给予了高度重视,中共中央政治局委员、中央政法委书记孟建柱在会上指出,政法机关要“按照中央经济工作会议部署,配合有关部门开展互联网金融领域专项整治,推动对民间融资借贷活动的规范和监管,最大限度减少对社会稳定的影响”。   防控互联网金融风险关键要建立和完善跨地区跨部门的预警体系。互联网金融涉及面广,仅靠公安部门单打独斗肯定力不从心,而且等到公安部门介入案件的时候,往往损害已经造成,很多损失也难以追回。所以,打击互联网金融犯罪公安机关要和银监会、互联网管理等有关部门相互配合,对网络公司的经营和资金流动情况进行实时监控,建立立体化、社会化、信息化监测预警体系。   从技术上讲,这种监测是完全可以做到的,“e租宝”非法集资案的及时发现和侦破就是借助了这种信息化和智能化的手段。根据办案民警的介绍,2015年年底,多地公安部门和金融监管部门发现“e租宝”经营存在异常,随即展开调查。但关键的问题是,能否打破信息的孤岛和壁垒,真正实现在办案过程中各相关部门的网络互通互联。在这个问题上,近年来政法机关做了很大的努力,也实现了很大的突破。不久前,国家质检总局、中央综治办、国家标准委联合发布了《社会治安综合治理基础数据规范》,该规范就是要致力于从根本上解决这个问题,从而提高我国互联网安全管理水平。   同时,防控互联网金融风险还要努力增强民众的风险意识。股市有风险,投资须谨慎,这是一句老话了,互联网金融所涉及的范围也已经远远超出了股市,而体现在金融的各个领域。金融所涉及的内容非常复杂而且专业,绝不仅仅是有投资就有回报那么简单,投资者一方面要多了解金融知识,对投资进行审慎分析和研判,不要轻信虚假的宣传;另一方面也要做好高回报、高风险的心理准备,切忌以全部身家博取收益,真正树立健康的投资理念。   互联网非法集资案的高发折射出了我国互联网金融领域中的种种乱象,也让很多人对此望而却步,这显然不利于互联网金融这一新生事物的健康发展。为此,加强互联网金融的研究与立法工作,有效规范互联网金融的发展无疑是当务之急。相关的主题文章: