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Seasonal allergy muscle Wuli Yang Zi has heard incoming move did not catch enough lead: before the "Ode to joy" in second finally started at the end of September, the 22 floor of the five beauty again fit, or the familiar faces, but the taste is a little change, because the Wuli Meng Da "small earthworm." Yang Zi was sensitive to the season around the problem. (source: Ruili nets) Yang Zi "while watching the play side small earthworms, even a slap in the face she wanted to take the heart of death, even gas hives began to relapse [tears] what time can you really small earthworms grow it, although you do not want to grow up, think you always so simple can you, simply too stupid, you still grow fast [tears] []" heart muscle allergy season heard that Yang Zi had caught the urticaria well, see new micro-blog baby Yang Zi, weave distressed after a minute, this is seasonal blame sensitive muscle, small earthworms can be so. This pot is back, earthworms do not back…… 4 consecutive days of medication infusion did not improve, face and neck deep red mass Yang Zizhong’s move is fierce and sensitive. You know, in the season, whether physical or skin are experiencing difficulties, often inadvertently caught. Come and take a look at Yang Zi about the trick urticaria what the hell is, please do your homework, be prepared against want, perfect response. What is commonly known as urticaria urticaria urticaria and rubella group, is a common skin disease, is due to various factors causing skin mucosal vascular temporary inflammatory hyperemia and massive fluid exudation caused by local edema damage, appear red bumps, suddenly into local or systemic skin disease can be rapidly subsided rapidly. Itching. Sensitive urticaria can be very suddenly, in a moment of abnormal skin itching, itching and scratching with the rapid emergence of varying size, shape is a red, pale white rash; some ring can be fused into a large, about 10 minutes to a few hours soon subsided, without leaving any traces. Cause urticaria 1. Food allergy: the fish, shrimp, eggs and milk are the most common, followed by some meat and some plant foods such as strawberries, tomatoes or cocoa, garlic and other seasonings etc.. In addition, the decomposed food is divided into polypeptides. Protein food before completely digested, absorbed in peptone or polypeptide form, can cause urticaria. In addition to the food in the pigment, flavoring agents, preservatives, natural or synthetic substances in food can also cause urticaria. 2. Inhalant allergy: outside all inhalation may lead to the occurrence of urticaria, such as pollen, dust mites, cotton, animal fur, chemical gas may be the cause of urticaria. 3. Bacterial infections: bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections and parasitic infections can cause urticaria. In addition, mosquitoes, mites, fleas, bedbugs and other bites can occur after papular urticaria. These are common causes of urticaria. Urticaria how to skin urticaria more stubborn, during the attack need to do the appropriate care.相关的主题文章: