During the national day, 593 million tourists were received nationwide, and the tourism income was 4-thinkpad s230u

During the national day of the new national network of 593 million tourists tourism revenue 482 billion 200 million – in October 7 Beijing Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Qi Zhongxi) National Tourism Bureau issued a report on the National Day holiday tourism market on the 7 day, 2016 National Day golden week, the tourism market demand, the overall smooth running order, a total of 593 million tourists trips, an increase of 12.8%, total tourism revenue 482 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%. During the holidays, Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan and other traditional national day long tourism destination, tourist arrivals and income steadily increased. Hubei, Hunan and other central provinces have better weather, suitable for tourists to travel, the number of visitors and revenue growth faster. At the same time, in Belt and Road Initiative policy driven, the Silk Road tourism rapid economic development, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces tourism market ushered in a blowout. In terms of outbound tourism, countries have further relaxed the visa policy for Chinese tourists, and the outbound tourism environment of Chinese citizens has been significantly optimized. According to the national tourism service team management system ", from October 1st to 7, with the total number of outbound tourists group of about 1 million 399 thousand people, the average daily travel team of 200 thousand people, an increase of 11.9%. Before the National Day holiday, several outbound destinations were South Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand and so on. Russia has become a dark horse, a sharp rise of 103.1% compared with last year. Visa free policy to Morocco, Tonga, Tunisia and other small target areas to a large number of Chinese tourists, an increase of about 400%. Outbound destinations are becoming more and more diversified, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are no longer the first choice for long holiday outbound travel, which is weekend, short-term or outbound transfer station trend. In order to meet the information needs of tourists, the National Tourism Bureau to strengthen tourism information in the National Day holiday, let civilized tourism, tourism safety concept and rational travel guide tourists.

国庆期间全国接待游客5.93亿人次 旅游收入4822亿-中新网   新华社北京10月7日电(记者齐中熙)国家旅游局7日发布国庆假日旅游市场情况报告显示,2016年国庆黄金周,旅游市场需求旺盛,运行秩序整体平稳,全国共接待游客5.93亿人次,同比增长12.8%,累计旅游收入4822亿元,同比增长14.4%。   假日期间,北京、天津、海南等传统国庆长线旅游目的地旅游接待人次和收入稳步提升。湖北、湖南等中部省份天气较好,适宜游客出行,旅游接待人次和收入增长较快。同时,在一带一路政策的带动下,丝路旅游经济发展迅速,内蒙古、甘肃、新疆等省份旅游市场迎来井喷。   出境游方面,各国对中国游客签证政策进一步放宽,中国公民出境旅游环境显著优化。根据“全国旅游团队服务管理系统”显示,10月1日至7日,出境跟团游客总数量约为139.9万人,日均团队出境游20万人,同比增长11.9%。   国庆假期前几位出境游目的地分别为韩国、日本、俄罗斯、泰国等。俄罗斯成为黑马,相比去年大幅上涨103.1%。免签政策给摩洛哥、汤加、突尼斯等小众目的地带去了大量中国游客,同比增长400%左右。出境游目的地选择越来越多元化,港澳台不再作为长假出境游的首选,呈周末化、短期化或出境中转站趋势。   为满足游客出行信息需求,国家旅游局在国庆假期加强旅游信息提示,让文明旅游、安全旅游观念深入人心,同时引导游客理性出游。相关的主题文章: