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Durant Green: I want to be more aggressive critical moment will not relent – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 30, 2016, according to U.S. media news, although Durant in training hard shot, but Drummond Green is not satisfied, he also asked the KD to be more aggressive. And Durant himself said that he knew his role in the team, the key moment will come out scoring. In the warrior’s training session, Durant accepted an interview with reporters, said he voted in training many baskets, and Drummond – Green told him that he needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end. "I threw a lot of baskets today, but Drummond said I wasn’t aggressive enough. The training camp was really great, "Durant said in an interview with ESPN. Some fans may have doubts, the warriors have a good lineup of chemical reaction. If you continue to increase the KD shot, then it will not undermine the team’s offensive efficiency. Don’t worry, KD already knows who he is. "All I have to do is stand up when the team needs to score. Of course, I also do other things, but I am excellent score, put the ball into the basket, and find better shots for teammates." Many people want Durant to put more pressure on defensive defense, because Durant is the league’s scoring machine, and won the four scoring king. But Durant is more rational for the number of shots, he also helped his teammates on the court. "I could throw 25 or 7 shots. Everyone wants me to be more comfortable in the team and I want to help my teammates. But when your teammates are unselfish and want you to play well, we play well." The warriors in the camp, curry and Green have excellent organizational skills, they are the core of the offensive team, but Adu can release their energy in scoring, and Thompson together, leading the warriors to attack.相关的主题文章: