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Dream eggs: open the way for small investors Hollywood Nuggets – Sohu technology CBO box office data show that in April, the total domestic box office revenue 4 billion 510 million yuan, compared with last year’s $5 billion 490 million compared to a decrease of 18%. In this Gaokaidizou movie market, "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group" and "Independence Day": a still brisk performance, gains were 637 million yuan and 502 million yuan at the box office. Hollywood blockbuster box office guarantee ability, can be seen. However, Hollywood has always been a relatively closed circle. It opened the door, not only need professional, need more reliability. China’s ordinary investors or investment institutions to participate in cross-border, want to return on the rich Hollywood blockbuster piece, it is unprecedented. Recently, there are a number of small investors, but successfully invested in three Hollywood films. By the end of next year, they will receive the first investment income. And all of this, thanks to a large Hollywood last year on the line of the Silicon Valley investment platform, DreameGGs dream movie transnational film investment platform. This platform is backed by abundant resources of Hollywood, once the connection between China and the United States market can be quite distinct from each other, that is the film version of the AngelList (American Equity raise public financing platform). In the first round of investment, in addition to attract a large number of small and medium-sized investors and investment institutions admission, DreameGGs also has strategic partnerships with Qilu film form, it took one of the movies "the silence of the bay" in Chinese exclusive distribution rights, bring great imagination to the Chinese film industry and Hollywood’s future cooperation. The thirty day, verify the business model at the beginning of the month this year, DreameGGs successfully completed the first phase of the three film project financing, including the word "death" return series, making small horror film don’t go out "good" and Hollywood burn brain annual drama "the silence of the Bay". In the last months of financing, DreameGGs platform attracted a total of assets and annual income standards, and successfully registered through the verification of investors. ("death to death" and "return" the founder of Jeffrey Reddick in the poster on the DreameGGs platform for investors autograph. It is worth mentioning that, after the disclosure of the dollar investment can participate in the global division, the enthusiasm of the people involved in the investment of dollar investment soared. "Participating in global accounts means that investors can share the benefits of the film, whether in China or in the United States or in any country in the world. This is a new model for Chinese investors, but also very attractive." DreameGGs founder Lorelei Tong introduction. After thirty consecutive years of rapid development in China, the middle class has a strong consumer demand to upgrade, participate in international investment. The rapid completion of the financing is completed, this is an excellent proof of demand. With the continuous depreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, the dollar also continued selling to people of US dollar investment has brought more power. And this trend is in the相关的主题文章: