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Drama master Suzuki Chushi: each play is a new network in September in a new network world – in 21, from the beginning of 2014, Suzuki Chushi for three consecutive years to work with Chinese performances, 2014 "King Lear" big nose "," Dionysus "last year, to this year’s" El Leketela "and" Ka Chi Ka Chi mountain ", several works have caused great concern. The Chinese audience’s understanding of Suzuki Chushi, mostly from the "culture is the body," the beginning of the book. This book describes his "animal energy" point of view, emphasizing the body of the actor, actor and theatre that echoes, in Suzuki Chushi’s view, each play is one of the world. So, when the the Great Wall theater Gubei town 2015 Suzuki Chushi investigation has not yet been put into use, showing the abnormal excitement. He even chose his masterpiece "Dionysus", as the the Great Wall theatre’s first play, the actor also chose China actor Tian Chong. This year the two works, click "kraaa Chi mountain" male starring actor Zhang Tian China. Suzuki Chushi said: "China actor is very good, this year (August) the toga International Theatre Festival, from 19 countries who have seen Chinese cast in" Ka kraaa Chi mountain "and" Electra ", they China actors have given great praise." In September this year, Suzuki Chushi brings painful pleasure two works, "Electra" is a modern tragic drama based on ancient Greek Royal Orestes story creation. Comedy "kraaa Ka Chi mountain" is adapted from according to the Japanese writer Taijae Ji’s novels set "in the" Royal gamma papyrus and the rabbit pahmi fable drama. Suzuki Chushi introduced, "Ka kraaa Chi mountain" there are a lot of dance and musical elements, starring Chinese, half chinese. Even the Americans starring "Electra", there are 13 Chinese, so people don’t have to worry about listen to not understand the problem. In the creation of several decades, Suzuki Chushi has few comedies. Comedy is usually more difficult and more advanced, but in Suzuki Chushi’s point of view, comedy is relatively easy. He said: "there is no such thing, tragedy is more difficult." It seems modern comedy is the easy guide in him, "to see how your actor, if you say the actor is good, should not have what (difficulties), rehearsal is China comedy actor, a very good actor, he should make everyone laugh."相关的主题文章: