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Doctor Wang Yongchun interview | male breast surgery correction, chest depression? The abnormal development of Sohu – Health Guide Mr. Zhang a few years ago in distress breast, received mastectomy. Postoperative chest convex convex breast vanished; however, the operation places but had a concave, ugly…… Mr. Zhang look out of the clinic, I would like to know whether it is a male breast development correction surgery to remove the breast will produce depression? Whether this situation can be remedied? To answer these two questions, we first have to explain what is the case of gynecomastia? What are the components of the abnormal development of the breast? Gynecomastia (Gynecomastia), in medicine, refers to the abnormal development of the breasts in boys or adult males. At present, it is believed that all male breast development is due to the increase of estrogen secretion or the decrease of androgen to estrogen ratio or the enhancement of estrogen sensitivity. After the abnormal development of male breast, the composition of its components are mainly two kinds: mammary gland and fat. In general, most of the abnormal development of the male breast is not only the development of glandular components, fat tissue will also accumulate in the breast, and sometimes even the proportion of fat is far more than glands. Now, let’s look at what is the cause of the depression after mastectomy The shape of the breast area on the chest wall is shaped by the filling of the internal mammary glands and fat. Male breast development, the deep surface of the glandular component mainly concentrated on the nipple areola complex; in addition, fat content is mainly distributed in the surrounding area. During the operation, if only the central part of the gland was removed, and the surrounding adipose tissue was not repaired, it would be easy to form a "crater" like depression in the middle and low. So, how can we avoid such a depression? Or, if such a sag can be remedied? There is only one trick: surgery can not only remove the glands, the need for proper dressing of the surrounding subcutaneous fat. The peripheral subcutaneous fat through the plastic surgery liposuction technique moderate thinning, so that the gland resection area and the surrounding smooth convergence, can avoid depression, so that the appearance is more smooth and beautiful appearance. If only because of the removal of the breast component, there has been a depression, you can also follow this idea to be trimmed. (male breast development before and after surgery): Author: Yongchun men’s Plastic Surgery Group founder Dr. Wang Yongchun?相关的主题文章: