DPL color Duobao to minor league unbeaten record tied for first wh60a

DPL color DUOBAO to minor league unbeaten record tied for first by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Information Center, the perfect world is the official media partner, Yao Yu hosted the official occupation League China large single electric DOTA2 (DOTA2 Professional League, occupation League as referred to as DPL) this week secondary League game is haoxiliantai. With the team running better, players from the offseason gradually return, facing with the system level in the League of the pressure, many state team is getting better. At present, DPL secondary League top three were tied for first VG.J and turbo and FTD.A Corps corps.   this week the most dazzling team for the turbo team, before the National Day only took a ping negative after their holiday break after a few days, this game won the victory of the season. Thanks to the perfect combination of dog the bounty, they succeeded in the first team in FTD.A’s hand to take all 2 points. And against EHOME.L is continuous with the same set of two team beat the opponent team for their visible turbo lineup now is very confident. The dog will continue to use the bounty Tong Fu hit defenseless, turbot has come to the top. I believe they will give you the state of play to bring more wonderful performances.   the same concern as well as the VG.J team, the old captain in recent days in the game play is very good, especially in the 2:0 BHEART won two games, the control and release of the nerubian assassin ish’kafel opponents suffered perfect control group opponents can only reluctantly this precious two. VG.J also by virtue of the advantages of the temporary victory and parallel turbo championships.   compared with several other teams for the qualifying competition, this week also took a ping negative EHOME.K team to bring you more surprise, even though the record is not good, but after the 2:0 win over AVALON, the Corps also prove to everybody before the play is really bad because of running the problem in the ranks of JDH, QD and XI had played in the first team for a long time, has extensive experience in the game, believe to be able to better play in the second division the next game, to prove their strength to all people.   BHEART team this week record of 1 flat 2 negative, so the answer is clearly not so the ranks of several young players, but when the great state of NEWBEE.Y and VG.J on the lines of the clan, in spite of putting pressure on the opponent, but too many mistakes lead to the situation gradually in the middle inferior. In the game we can see these bright young young players to play, we have reason to believe that as long as they are given sufficient opportunity to exercise, the future is bound to play a piece to belong to their own world.   after the WAY team this week drew BHEART and regret the defeat to EHO.相关的主题文章: