Dongguan man after smashing armored car guards were killed in the new network – sparked heated debat yezimei

Dongguan man after smashing armored car guards were killed in hot lead zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Dongguan on 28 October, (Li Yingmin Li Chun) Changan Guangdong Town, Dongguan city 27 noon a murder occurred, a man in Jiangxi because of stone and cement block etc. after smashing armored car, car escort staff discourage invalid shooting, causing the man’s death. Currently, the matter sparked heated debate in the community. The incident shortly after, Changan town government issued notification said: 27 12 06 110 PM, police said then, by a man with a stone and cement block and smashed the glass in the town of Changan usha community a Yakuan car. After receiving the report, police station and police quickly arrived at the scene disposal usha. When the truck is performing escort missions, through three road intersection near Sha Xing, the man Huang (Jiangxi) stone and cement block. After smashing the vehicle, causing the vehicle glass breakage. The car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, shot lead to the injured. Huang arrived at the scene after 120 invalid death. The process of sightings of shops along the street, the owner told reporters that the incident occurred, Huang Sha from Cai Wu industrial zone with a brick arch, chased securicar continuous smashed cars, we do not know what the reason is, he chase a few hundred meters, armored car security personnel shot, and he fell in on the ground, then people around the crowd are scared. Dongguan police then sent investigators arrived at the scene processing, further investigation of the incident and the causes. On this matter, the public is the most talked about, why do you want to catch up with the yellow car? The guards shot is legitimate? It is understood that the truck involved belong to Dongguan City Junan escort Co. ltd.. 27 evening, the company informed that the company’s bodyguard is the use of anti riot guns (rubber bullets) fired warning shots, the man shot and fell to the ground, after she died. On this issue, the reporter interviewed Guangdong Hailian TEDA director of law firm lawyers said: Wu Yongbin, Wu escorts with full-time guard duties in emergency escort process, damage to the van, property, security personnel should take all reasonable measures to remedy this in itself, which is in the criminal law gives no ground for blame. People from illegal injuries in emergency of person and property can take justifiable defense measures, the key is to look at the defense measures are reasonable and legitimate. "The use of firearms regulations" full-time guards and escorts fifth, sixth also provides escort personnel to use guns, only guarding the goal, escorted goods from violent attacks or assaulted by violence or imminent danger of escorts from violent attacks to endanger the safety of life or carry firearms and ammunition by the snatch robbery case the use of firearms, it is necessary to use guns, also should be to protect the guard target, escorted goods are not infringed for the purpose, and try to avoid or reduce casualties and property losses. Lawyer Wu stressed that the right to life is one of the most important rights, can not be deprived of, in this case, the escort personnel was a man with a stone and cement block etc. after smashing vehicles in the escort, whether this would have been a serious threat to escort vehicles, property and personnel safety)相关的主题文章: