Documentary the world program held in Taichung Mazu gift ceremony of the new net – CD-verbal jint

Documentary "the world" held free program CD Mazu ceremony in Taichung Beijing News Agency in Taichung on 9 October, (reporter Xu Dejin) the evening of October 9th, a large piece of "humanities discipline from Fujian to build the provincial radio and Television Group TV channel to the world" held to Taiwan Mazu, the aunt Temple in Taichung Dajia progenitor chenlan grand ceremony gift CD-ROM. The film lasted two years, toured the world five continents in 18 countries and regions, to explore hundreds of temples, 5 Episode documentary interview nearly a thousand worshipers made at the same time, CCTV China tonight recording channel and TV broadcast channel. Southeast TV, Taiwan TVBS, ETTV cloud will also be broadcast. Matsu is the China traditional folk beliefs in the most prestigious sea goddess, has more than 5 thousand temples and more than 300 million believers around the world, of which there are only more than 2 thousand in Taiwan City, about 17000000 Mazu temples of mazu. Taiwan Dajia chairman Yan Qingbiao tonight at the event said that today is the 1029 anniversary of the emergence of Mazu heaven, both sides of the from all walks of life in the chenlan Gongxiangshengju, is of great significance; to commemorate the Matsu heaven, Dajia Matsu parade held, is a kind of cultural heritage on both sides of the world Mazu is a. Fujian Taiwan Exchange Association executive director Chen Ling, vice chairman of Fujian Provincial Broadcast & TV group, TV channel director Ye Xiongbiao Honglei came to Taiwan to attend the documentary "the world" gift program CD Mazu ceremony. Ye Xiongbiao said, Matsu is the cross-strait conjugalbed constantly cut context, through the film to promote cross-strait exchanges, and let the world understand through Mazu culture, ethnic chinese. Taiwan TVBS executive vice president Yang Shengyu said, very honored to be able to participate in the broadcast of "the world of Mazu", the dissemination of Chinese culture. "The world is divided into" Mazu "spirit" "over the sea" "incense" "people" "the world" in 5, 50 minutes per episode, through a vivid story, revealing the relationship between Mazu and nature, and the regional, and time, and the society, to explore how she became influential in the world the Chinese circle of faith. (end)相关的主题文章: