Do you teach the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste – the best to eat and drink in Beijing Sohu mentalist

The people of Beijing to teach you to do the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste – the best to eat and drink while the greater Beijing Sohu often Tucao weather and traffic, but whether it is in play, work or life, cooks or bored to here. Huang Xiaochu is very responsible to say that you are really love. There are many people who love Beijing, there are many reasons for the love of it, wonderful answer Huang Xiaochu also heard many, for example: "I just love every time I take the Metro Line 2, listen to the name of a station, what" Qianmen "ah, ah, there is a" Xuanwumen "to catch the foot through the ancient and modern" and some people love it from Beijing delicacy, take mutton slices cooked in hot pot, you can rinse, rinse, summer winter wish every day up. Compared with Cantonese dishes exquisite, Beijing cuisine in addition to taste, but with a huangchenggener under Juqi. Recently Huang Xiaochu was asked, Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste the most authentic in where? Today Huang Xiaochu was invited to Beijing to play the master to eat, rivers and lakes called Huo Hodgson Quanlai solution ". But he said bluntly, the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste best to eat in Beijing people’s house. Want to eat this taste? Today, I will teach you! – – – Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste materials — Section XinLiMei soy sauce pork cucumber leek celery cabbage bean sprouts green onion ginger steps — will be soy sauce into the bowl, with water discharge opening. Cucumber, XinLiMei, shred cabbage, celery, garlic, Mince Pork Chop chop. Wok cool oil, saute ginger slice, cut into the diced pork stir fry, add chopped green onion stir, then add ginger pick. To be fried diced pork oil, pour soy sauce boil until the pot boiled meat completely can out of the pot in a bowl. 4 Chinese cabbage, celery, bean sprouts, boiling water boiled. Noodles cooked bowl. Finally put the disk, all the dishes yards in the bowl, then spoon the sauce poured in the above, you can gobble down ~ – – – small kitchen living room your lakes Title Hodgson is how to get its name? In Beijing, there is a "Ye culture". Are those forthright, play, and widely respected people, such a person will be called "ye". I was called "Hodgson", because I do after the feast gathering, make a lot of friends, and slowly the "Hodgson" name is called open to have a thorough research on Chinese delicacy, but do not want to be known as "gourmet, but said he is a play, why to eat."? My mind is a gourmet not things. I think there should be a gourmet heritage, ancestors of generations in the banquet, in addition to inheritance even beyond money, leisure, a popular, easy, so it can be called a gourmet. For me, today’s society is not everyone can become a casually. Although I have a lot of work on the food, but compared with the true heritage is far worse. At the beginning, I was holding the mentality of the food, because very interested, but so far has not reached a high in my heart.相关的主题文章: