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Arts-and-Entertainment If you are traveling to Heathrow airport and need a Heathrow airport taxi or if you are traveling around to other areas and need a Heathrow taxi service – you need to check online now! I think that the online way of finding a service is becoming more and more popular. I live in the states, we get at least 4 phone books a month (don’t ask) and we never use them. They are becoming obsolete. They go right in the recycling bin and any time we ever need to check on anything – product reviews, phone numbers, addresses, maps, etc – we always look online. It’s the Information Superhighway for a reason! It’s quick, efficient, and very simple. All you have to do is go to one of your favorite search engines and look for Heathrow taxi service or Heathrow airport taxi depending on what you want the service for. The Heathrow taxis will usually be able to take you to surrounding locations as well such as Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Sheffield, etc. Of course again this depends on which service you get! You can always call them and ask how far they will go and how much it will cost. Few of the sites I saw even offered up a little option if you are new in the area – they would suggest places for you to visit such as museums, restaurants, cinemas, etc. In the UK for most ALL service companies you will need to pay with pounds sterling so that’s another thing you should look for as well! One of the sites I visited recently boasted the following: The lowest Heathrow Airport transfer fares One same price for 1 to 8 passengers Saloon car, people carrier, 8 & 16 seaters Free child/baby seats for journey No hidden extra costs They also claimed that they have a fixed price. This is a nice option because it gives you the knowledge of being charged a specific price for a specific trip. Say for instance that you want to go to Heathrow airport. This may cost you X number of pounds and that amount cannot and will not be changed no matter what. We have something like this in the states as well, and it’s nice because you can head to the airport knowing that you will need to carry X number of pounds for that specific route, plus your tip. It keeps you from having to carry around a bunch of money on you which keeps your peace of mind at bay! This goes for the trip from the airport to your destination as well. They also offer the "pick up" service where they will wait for you at your gate and have your name on a plaque. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: