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Do you have a lottery jackpot in person? Net friend is so answer recently in the "today’s headlines" Q & A, there is such a question and answer is particularly unpopular: lottery can really five million? What’s your biggest prize? ", there are nearly 1870 users involved, and even many of those who are suspected of hiding the grand prize winner appeared, but the fact that it can not tell the truth. The author selected some sincere words, looks more close to the real "I answered," with friends to find out! I am your mom @ sample: Well, buy lottery tickets have good attitude and good luck for the award more than 3000 behind the no, happy 12 930, anyway, the winning time, but not much, the double chromosphere and he sent a 1 prize and the 2 prize not in the past, but do not insist, will be very pleased, not in that they continue to buy, but I have a plan every day not more than 20 dollars in the lottery, after all, this is not the main business, for future efforts, efforts to better grasp the. Q @ screenshots of 50055289895 mobile phone users: we have a village 5 million old bachelor in X County, the cow back, about 300000 to buy a house, two people buy a nephew of a semi-trailer in the home to his brother more than half a million, about two hundred thousand houses, two people gave him a 150 thousand sister and nephew, nephew. Female, it is no matter or to the relatives to borrow less tinkling se, then that is behind the little widow in groups, because it is an old bachelor, seems to have more than two years also bear. It is still single, county town fall a house, there is a blind walk every day do not work, estimates about corruption. Q & a screenshot @ stroll life road: my husband is a lottery fan, every day to spend a long time to study. Before and after the year before and after the more than 40 thousand. In the middle of last year about 500000. In the most of the time, I get the prize. The sports lottery center, people have to accept the award, go to the center for lottery prize are winning amount above 30 thousand. They cooperate with the Construction Bank, to provide a CCB card number to me, and then take a check to the Bank of China, the transfer of the votes, waiting for the transfer, about 20 minutes. There are procedures for the audit, such as the transfer of success, the bank informed the transfer of the bank said the success. I’ll go downstairs and check it out. Lottery? How to put it? I always do not believe, and now believe that the general will only small and medium award. I think it’s impossible, like millions of dollars. Q & a screenshot @ see Guo Xiangwu lifetime: met a real! Our village, Xinyang people working in Shenyang, 2009 in the double chromosphere first prize 5 million, Shenyang local media also reported! The village in 5 million that he fooled him back to engage in investment, joint development of small property right, then there is no mess, but he came back in the city of Xinyang bought two houses, buy a few door, now the rent by life, after winning a Camry, will not open, looking for a female driver do not know now, not with him! This is the only one I’ve ever seen in 5 million! Everything else is in the news and in the legend. I live next door to my Q & a screenshot @ Wang: my brother-in-law)相关的主题文章: