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UnCategorized The boxes of children’s cereals on supermarket shelves are literally aimed at children. Tony the Tiger, Lucky the Leprechaun and their cartoon friends use eye contact to entice children to buy their cereal. Out of 57 cereal boxes, 51 had characters whose eyes angled downward – aimed child high – 48 inches and lower. According to Columbia University researchers, trust levels increase about 18% if you make eye contact with anything. Even college students felt 28% more connected to the version of Trix cereal on which the rabbit made eye contact with them. It seems eye-catching cereal characters "box in" children. The alcohol mentioned in pop songs encourages adolescent drinking. A study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research surveyed more than 2,500 young people, asking if they liked or owned 10 randomly picked, top 40 songs referencing alcohol. Adolescents who liked those songs were 3 times more likely to drink and twice as likely to binge as those who didn’t like the songs. Only 8% could recall specific brand names in the songs, but they were the most likely to drink. Unfortunately, lucrative promotion deals are made between singers and specific alcohol brands – a fact which leaves a bad taste in parents’ mouths. A study of 13,000 youths ages 9-11 found by 4th grade 10%-13% had high cholesterol, with half having it as adults, increasing their risk for heart attacks, strokes and other problems. Unhealthy total cholesterol levels were found in 34%, LDL was borderline or too high in 46% and HDL was borderline or too low in 44%. Interestingly, boys were likelier to have both higher cholesterol and LDL. It’s hoped these findings will promote cholesterol testing of 9-11 year olds, as well as 17-21 year olds. Just because children are slim doesn’t mean they have a "slim chance" of high cholesterol. The website eBabyNames checked Social Service Administration records for the most unusual baby names. Jealousy, Lucifer and Nimrod were runners-up; but Zzyzx – pronounced "Zay-Zix – was thought to be the most unusual name – and there are at least 5 babies in the U.S. that were given that name. However, Zzyzx isn’t as unusual as you might think. Both a road and a town in San Bernardino County, California have the same name. Supposedly, Zzyzx means "the last pace on earth". A name is the first gift parents give their baby. Perhaps these babies should be wished "Many Happy Returns". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: