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Do not believe the official letter rumor Shanghai police catch "Ballad" hit? – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hohhot September 12th new media news (Tang Ji) recently, the Shanghai police, 7 people suspected of fabricating and spreading "Shanghai September implementation of the purchase of credit deal rumors were detained. As soon as the news was announced, unusually hot Shanghai property market and the rapid decline in divorce tide. Rumors caused a huge shock to the property market in Shanghai, disrupting the psychological expectations of buyers, creating a panic like divorce so funny social phenomenon. While acting the purpose was to promote individual real estate sales. The selfish, serious acts of sabotage social stability, not only caused the Shanghai real estate market is not stable, and to have a serious impact on social harmony and stability. Rumors stop in the wise, what is wisdom? Is The case is entirely cleared. in the world. Shanghai police on the law of the sword, thunder trend, 7 will rapidly fabricate rumors, disturbs social intermediary to justice, to break the popular city rumors, let unscrupulous businessmen have tasted the illegal consequences, and take practical action to maintain the harmony and stability of society and the interests of the masses of the people. Although in August 29th, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee and the denial of emergency, said no such clear policy research". However, the release of emergency information has not been able to prevent people from the divorce registry. Shanghai mortgage rumors caused by the negative impact, the need for government departments and other deep reflection. The masses would rather believe the rumor than the authority of the government. This at least daily efforts of government departments lack, to the masses to carry out the daily propaganda work is not down to earth, still need to improve the ability of emergency disposal. This incident, in the face of the property market and divorce tide abnormal phenomenon, the relevant government departments should be the first time to stand up and publish authoritative information; if after the release of information, rumors in fermentation, then continue to rumor, repeatedly released until over rumors. At the same time, the relevant departments of the daily supervision of the urgent need for strengthening the real estate intermediary industry. Some analysts pointed out that the content of the rumors and the way of transmission, the Shanghai mortgage rumors should be carefully planned, the target population, the market sentiment is very accurate grasp. In recent years, the rapid development of the real estate intermediary industry, but there are some bad intermediary false listings, drive up prices to seek illegal income, serious damage to the interests of consumers, disrupt the real estate market. Even, there will be an area of about 10 square meters of the aisle aisle, speculation into the price of $1 million 500 thousand school district room". If you let the bad intermediary trouble, disturb the market order, not only hurt consumers. China’s real estate market regulation is difficult, the reason for the lack of self-discipline in real estate and the intermediary industry, government regulation is weak, is the two major points. In this regard, on the one hand, the real estate intermediary companies to strengthen industry self-regulation, and constantly improve the level of service, to provide more and better quality services to promote the healthy development of the real estate agency industry. On the other hand, the relevant departments should introduce targeted disciplinary provisions, the establishment of real estate intermediary blacklist system, record agency misconduct. For some bad intermediary and black intermediary, resulting in serious consequences, the government departments can cancel the qualification and qualification of employees.相关的主题文章: