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The Ministry of human resources and human resources services: the establishment of the approval process will be more simplified — Finance — August 24 Beijing Xinhua (Sun Boyang) recently, the Department issued "on the first photo card to strengthen the human resources market after the reform in the post regulatory opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") Zhang Wenmiao, deputy director of the Ministry of human resources and human resources market department said, the establishment of human resource services will simplify the approval process. Zhang Wenmiao said, according to the latest revision of the "Employment Promotion Law" and the "decision of the Ministry of human resources on amending some rules" (the Department Order No. twenty-fourth) the spirit of the simplified optimization items mainly have set up human resources services administrative license by the industrial and commercial registration pre-approval to post approval, the abolition of the minimum registered capital limit, subscribed registered capital paid change and reform measures. The establishment of administrative licensing directory, through the approval of the government website based on the admissibility of institutions, application conditions, reporting materials, processing, processing time, approval results and other information. The implementation of acceptance system, streamline the approval and approval procedures, improve efficiency, in accordance with the law within a limited period of time. The preparation of service guide, through the window of the government website or other forms of publication to the public. Zhang Wenmiao also said that the Ministry of human resources and social work will be established with the administrative departments of industry and Commerce convergence mechanism, timely grasp of the business registration of human resources services, to prevent regulatory vacuum. (commissioning editor Sun Boyang and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: