Demon Halloween fashionable Outfit Party queen strong desire to win-pork face

"Demon" Halloween fashionable outfit thick Party Queen tied to lead: what? Are you still thinking what Halloween concave shape? Nothing but a pumpkin lamp and a glowing demon horn?! This will give you a little hint this Halloween rookie, creative Halloween Carnival shoudaoqinlai! Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Thought Halloween? Little common sense to Amway. We usually say they accurate translation should be on the eve of Halloween Halloween, November 1st (ALL HALLOWS DAY all saints’ day) the night before. Therefore, on the eve of Halloween English Halloween or Hallowe’en is "All Hallows’Evening" the abbreviation of the word dictionary is the first to enter the Oxford in 1786, "The eve of explained All Saints’Day". This day is of course not eating sweets sell adorable, buy a pumpkin to dig two holes, dressed to step on a ladder of odd shape lying so simple, a few key customs do you know? Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern also called Jack lamp, there is a saying that a long time ago, a man named JACK howler the devil to the pit, and after his death the soul is neither heaven nor Hell, had to rely on a small candle to guide him in between heaven and earth waves ah wave, and this small the candle is placed in a hollowed out turnip, called "JACK LANTERNS", then the development of the new continent, the Irish people in the United States found that pumpkin carving out higher than radish pigment, so there will be a pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern today. Trick or treat trick or treat is said to be the first disciples to alms "soul cakes", became a child of sugar. There is also a saying from the pagan believe that ghosts will come to the world every year when the trouble to the living people. In order to protect themselves from harmful spirits, people wear clothes look like a ghost, egg, bread from door to door closed apple and other offerings. The generous man lit the lamp with good wishes, but the stingy man would be threatened. OSPLAY ghost is big party look at a Halloween COS American preference map. The development of human civilization is becoming more and more rational, the spirits of the awe becomes indifferent, Halloween naturally lost some mysterious religious. Then, wandering people in this free egg ultra Day rally on earth, all torn human disguise, return alien look, form a "men in black" save the planet vu. Of course, in addition to these cos there are new technology and equipment, so that you will not crash with others! Get up! God level APP – the body has a life of this APP called Morph DigitalDudz as long as you have a mobile phone, whether it is Android or ios.相关的主题文章: