December personal transfer to others through ATM will be 24 hours after arrival – Sohu

From December through the personal ATM to transfer the 24 hours after the arrival of the Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) this morning, the six departments jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice", in accordance with the "notice", since December 1, 2016, transfer to non personal accounts of the same name by bank ATM the capital, after 24 hours of arrival. A staff member of a commercial bank told the Beijing News reporter, is actually a non namesake transfer to others such as transfer, "you give your friend a transfer is a non name transfer, if your bank card to your bank card transfer is the same account transfer". Reporters call the number of commercial banks is currently consulting non same account transfer, commercial bank’s customer service said that if it is working between the lines of personal account transfers can be real-time arrival; cross transfer to others, if the business in self-service terminals and through bank transfer, can also be real-time arrival; if the people’s bank transfer system. During the day, work time in real time to hit the other bank, but to the other bank after checking the information can be recorded. Agricultural bank customer service staff also said when questioned, between Agricultural Bank peers with the ATM machine transfer real-time arrival; interbank transfer if you use the ATM machine transfer, the maximum limit of 50 thousand, under normal circumstances is real-time arrival. The head office of the commercial bank staff said, in a lot of telecommunications fraud cases, victims are through the self-service machine, ATM machine to fraud personnel transfers, as if through online banking or counter transfer, will have the obvious risk that. The risk of being cheated by the ATM machine transfer is relatively high, many people do not see the tips posted on the ATM machine. Therefore, the staff believes that the current bank ATM transfer arrival time to adjust, "in the past are basically within 2 hours of arrival, and if the variable is 24 hours after arrival, transfer once people find themselves cheated, still have time to react, can go to the bank to cancel or transfer payment. If the arrival of 2 hours or real-time arrival, the transfer is too late." Whether such adjustments will affect the normal transfer business? The staff said, will certainly affect, but does not affect the number of specific statistics, and in addition to the ATM transfer, people can also use online banking transfers, counter transfer etc..相关的主题文章: