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Daly and Picasso will be unveiled at the Chongqing show authentic Spanish art peak – the new network for the works of Picasso Pablo? Yanxing high Lu pictured Salvatore? Daly’s works "tribute to Newton" Lv Yanxing photo Beijing, Chongqing, November 1 (high 1, Lu Yanxing) reporter from the "Salvatore? Daly and Pablo? Picasso was informed that the authentic art exhibition conference, Daly and the real Picasso will debut in Chongqing in 5, when more than 280 pieces of sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and other works will continue until the end of January 22nd next year. Daly and Picasso are the most famous Spanish genius painter in twentieth Century, the former is the art of surrealism, the latter is the founder of cubism. The exhibition of works of art are from international curators, the Russian National Art Museum curator Alexander Alexander’s private collection? Sand, sand? Delin collections has been recognized as the world’s fourth largest private collection exhibition. It is understood that the exhibition of the original artworks have more than and 20 pieces of sculpture, and the last century 50s and 60s Picasso ceramic works, including Daly’s famous sculpture "burning woman", "unicorn", "the triumph of the elephant", and Picasso’s works "ceramic goat head", "side", "flower in vase the branches of the birds". "I have spent more than 20 years collecting Daly and Picasso’s works, which have been exhibited in more than 56 museums before they came to Chongqing." Sha Delin told reporters, Alexander? "This part of the work which I from all over the world auction here, there is a part of the works is the direct purchase from Dali and Picasso’s relatives or on the collector, which is the guarantee of quality." Alexander? Sha Delin says, some of the audience that prints is not authentic, but the western artists engraving works, and many artists have used paintings copied into different print now, they are their own creation, the print plate, can be said to be the artist’s original authentic. It is understood that the "Salvatore? Dudley and Pablo Picasso? Authentic art exhibition time will last from November 5th to January 22, 2017.相关的主题文章: