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Dalian returnees due to a monthly salary of 140 thousand yuan to resign his claim to the unit claiming that he returned a monthly salary of $5000, but the actual income has shrunk dramatically, and the unit did not pay social insurance for it, and then resign. However, the unit has no reason to leave the unit to its losses, claims to 14 yuan returnees…… The company promised a monthly salary of five thousand shrink? In May this year, Daniel in Denmark a college graduate in electronics home, he browse from a recruitment website to a recruitment information, a technology company recruit engineering design personnel, after deducting the five social insurance and one housing fund 5000 yuan. He will be your resume by mail to the company’s human resources department, soon to be hired as the company’s engineering designers, the company signed a labor contract for five years with him, but the contract fill in the salary for 1600 yuan a month. Staff told him that this is to avoid tax, does not affect his money. He did not consider signed up. He came to the company, the company will arrange a number of design tasks required to complete all his. At the end of July this year, the company also arranged he served as a "71A design", the design requirements according to the customer request delivery in August 22nd. In June wages, Xiaowei account wage is 2099 yuan, he immediately to negotiate with the company manager, the manager of the company promised next month will be honored by July, Xiaowei’s bank card wages arrival is 2955 yuan, which makes him very unhappy, until August, Xiaowei also found that the company did not agree to his social insurance for he paid. The resignation of the company claims 140 thousand by August 8th this year, he completed the company to his design task, he put the design of e-mail sent to the company’s design department, approved on August 15th, sent to the customer. In August 28th, Daniel issued a email to the manager of the company, said the company fails to pay him for his labor, also fails to pay social insurance for his resignation. By mid September, he found his August salary units will not hit his bank card, then to the unit that was rejected. But he did not expect is that the Pu District labor arbitration committee staff to call him, claimed that the unit has to apply for arbitration, because he left his post without permission, resulting in its commitment to the design work is not completed, the delayed delivery by the customer asked him to pay fines, so the unit loss of RMB 14 yuan. The company has made wage arrears Xiaowei very headache, and now the company requires its own compensation for 140 thousand yuan, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, Daniel entrusted Liaoning Qingsong lawyer Wang Jinhai agent of his own court, playing a lawsuit with the unit. The plaintiff claimed that views between technology companies, Daniel engaged in design work in the company, the two sides signed a labor contract, the probation period is 3 months, in August this year, the company will "71A" design work for Daniel, but on the morning of August 28th, Xiaowei suddenly resign, after consultation between the two sides is not without its design result, Daniel the data deleted, causing the company to re arrange the others to carry out design work, eventually leading to the extension of light相关的主题文章: