Dad 4 Anji defy face burst red friends Sha Yi do not drag the hind legs-mia farrow

"Dad 4" Anji is defying the face red burst user: please don’t drag Sha Yi eight points back Anji abandon Sha Yi Friday, mango TV "Dad where to go" second line, 24K is the man a small Anji expression package once again updated, a god of contempt for Dad, "abandon face expression let netizen laugh stitch. Small smoke throat singing rock version of" Jasmine ", adorable force burst table. Anji strength circle powder, users more ridicule: ask Sha Yi do not drag me back. Although Anji abandon the expression of handsome appearance, but Anji is not willing to act as idol type, inherited Sha Yi’s funny cells in Anji "where" Dad appeared contracted most of bursting point. The magic of laughter and the expression of God’s troubles, each picture is lovely and exaggerated, like a walking expression pack. In the second episode, when Sha Yi peeled eggs to eat in Anji, suffered a contempt of God in Anji, I did not have a good egg!" Expression of dislike to become an instant classic, let netizen laugh breaking!" Then it is caused by a variety of imitation and spoof, the fire is not to be, so that Anji has become a rising new representative of the feelings of the package. Anji man climb tires, the full range of children, others can always emphasize I could, and my dad Sha Yi but all recognize counsels, while saying "this way not to go", "I feel afraid." Netizens are despised and begged not to drag Anji hind legs, but users also understand that this is the father of his son’s security considerations. Anji Anji spoiled the subwoofer voice by the netizen nicknamed "smoke throat" and mad praise is very nice, Sha Yi took the lead in the micro-blog news, "Anji’s throat with absolute me, cloud month hoarse." But it was Hu He questioned, sing so good really with you?" Anji concert rock version of "Jasmine" not a tune, the magic is when singing "Little Donkey" is beyond all expectations well, friends laugh, "" Jasmine "must be taught by Sha Yi, the" Little Donkey "Hu Kejiao." Such a lovely Anji rushed ring powder, people look forward to him all the passions of expression package. The father and his son’s daily wits, full of joy, more netizens said: "love is the other Sha Yi have nothing to say".相关的主题文章: