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Cute! Beckham tan with shark photo Beckham Xiaoniaoyiren Meng Da Sky Sports shooting gorgeous trailer new season is expected to become the occupation commentator Beckham and O’neal Tencent sports news August 30th Beckham young is the rage, Mack daddy crazy, handsome face, handsome attracted countless fans of the game. Retired after the Beckham is still attractive, although the wrinkles on his brow, his beard was slightly messy, belly has also been prominent, and full of the charm of male hormones through the screen seems to smell. Recently, Beckham drying out a photo with the famous NBA star Shaquille O’neal, male charm bursting Beckham is like bird cute. David Beckham has been in the United States to invest in Miami after retirement, he hopes to set up a major league team in the local occupation. It is also because of this, he often lived in the United States work. Recently, in the United States by former NBA Beckham legend Shaquille O’neal, Beckham O’neal and many second brother, photo, and this photo on the INS social network on their own, and under wrote: "to see the big guy is always great." Photos of Beckham Beal Neil in a head lower than, compared with the strong O’neal, Beckham is innocent girl, O’neal Beckham in the right hand on the left shoulder, only three fingers will occupy the left shoulder all beckham. Masculine Beckham is very clever in O’neal’s background. This article INS once issued, also caused nearly two thousand netizens message. A Chinese netizen named "wangzeshuai" wrote, "what a big hand." A man named "ishu_being_human" wrote: "it looks good Kawai!" (boats)相关的主题文章: