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To cultivate new economic momentum — Finance — 12, 2016 national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week launched in Shenzhen. This week hit with "the development of the new economy? Foster new energy" as the theme, attracted many from overseas business leaders, creating team and stakeholders. In exploring the new path of innovation and entrepreneurship, "fusion" has become a major highlight of this double week. As a large military enterprises in the field of central enterprises, aerospace science and technology group, relying on the platform and technical advantages, and vigorously promote the integration of military and civilian innovation. In front of the booth, the staff demonstrated photoelectric intelligent interactive education platform of aerospace Haiying team development. It can automatically identify the finger, pen, eraser and other objects of the products by infrared imaging technology in aerospace industry and automatic target recognition technology which based on the integrated team, cloud computing, multimedia technology and rich interface, and provide a variety of classroom teaching solutions. Aerospace Science and industry group active in more than 2 thousand management team, including military and civilian integration innovation team like "Sea Hawk" as there are more than and 300. Small and micro enterprises in the growth process, facing many difficulties. In 12, the Chinese and foreign leaders held a forum, Ma Huateng, chief executive officer of Tencent Inc with a big band with a small, strong and weak, with the new old to sum up the relationship between large enterprises and small businesses. Tencent Inc in recent years through the open infrastructure, rich sharing platform of the vertical field, the platform supports a small team, at the same time through a layout space in 30 of the country, a number of outstanding entrepreneurial incubator project, hand in hand, to promote the growth and development of a number of small enterprises. Some of the more mature large enterprises are also actively extend the industrial chain, open up new space for development. Double week, total solar power hina group self-developed attracted people’s attention. In front of the car, the roof and side are equipped with a flexible ultra-thin solar chips, solar energy can be directly used to make short distance non plug driving possible. The hina group senior vice president Zhang Bin said, "there are some representative terminal products are developed based thin-film power generation technology in its mature on the expansion of the industrial chain is conducive to further enhance the company’s ability to innovate." Micro Yang International maxspace is located in the Gulf of Shenzhen Business Plaza, a total area of more than 6 thousand and 600 square meters of single incubation platform. Graduated from the Stanford University, Fan Li chose to venture here. Now he’s got millions of dollars in VR products. In space not only tiny entrepreneurial team, supporting services and investment, human resources and other related institutions, these services for the entrepreneurial team in the whole growth period. Entrepreneurs not only for businesses, but also the government. The building is a tiny space venture Plaza administrative service hall, located in the enterprise "to do things at home". Fan Weiyang said: choose to come to Shenzhen, because of the strong entrepreneurial atmosphere here and a good sense of service." The double week this year also includes creating studio theme activities. This event will be divided into six themes, when the public will have the opportunity to personally design and produce some small creative products, experience the fun of innovation and entrepreneurship. "This activity相关的主题文章: