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CTCC+ China Cup Saab brisk performance team! Guangdong Zhaoqing automobile Sohu in August 28, 2016, China Touring Car Championship (CTCC) fifth races and China Cup Grand Prix staged a double match with space-time sports competition. Thrilling and passion of the schedule, sexy and beautiful with the models, the engine boom boom roar, high performance racing gallop, let the moment fall, immersed in which! As a heavyweight participants two races, the team once again sent as Beiqi Saab drivers carrying Beiqi Saab CC and Saab D70 to the same track. 2016 CTCC schedule has been more than half, Beiqi Saab Rangers have been with high performance racing, a very strong line-up and experienced team record, moving steadily, steadily, after a period of adjustment and a half months later, ushered in this year’s CTCC Fifth Station — Guangdong ZhaoQing Railway Station. The team for the game with Beiqi Saab gradually familiar, the team overall performance improved steadily. In the CTCC fourth station was South Korea, Beiqi Saab team with outstanding performance, "China Schumacher brothers" Julie David, Zhu Huan respectively fifth and ten of the success of the gap with the leader, shrinking. The team has Beiqi Saab once again challenge the public opponent. Is the so-called: the way of the dragon, but myself! Beiqi Saab team in the adjustment period, the vehicle was further adjusted, showing the best chariot start since the station plans to further narrow the gap at the top, the impact of the podium, and the good momentum continues to CTCC after the half, but the CTCC events in the speed and passion amidst the winds of change, at the same time, along with the time accidents and accidents, and this is precisely the charm of sports events. ZhaoQing Railway Station in Guangdong in the game, the team main driver Judevi and Zhu Huan has suffered a sudden accident, the car failed to repair the missing Zhu Huan, refresh performance goals, regret to retire. Despite the sudden accident, but the driver Beiqi Saab riders indomitable spirit is impressive. In the first round, Zhu David once reached four. On the occasion of the realization of personal breakthrough, due to the accident had to return to the end of the first round. The second round, with indomitable perseverance, the spirit of the driver, as well as solid and superb driving skills, Zhu Daiwei received a score of sixth in the second round. Results to fight by not easily won, Zhu David teeth, you know Zhu David is from twelfth on the grid of a car and a car to sixth place. At this moment, Saab driver body, showing the stadium in the hero! Also worth mentioning is that in the Super Cup group 2.0T manufacturers cup, Beiqi Saab team with 11 points won the third prize. In this full of speed and passion on the field, the same eye-catching game and the Chinese cup. August 28th Guangdong international circuit of the Chinese Grand Prix racing is the 2016 leg of the race in the second season – the Chinese Taipei Racing Club Home station!相关的主题文章: