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Crystal chandelier crystal beads in September dropped EVA businesses do not admit that there are problems in crystal chandelier crystal beads fall by September baby businesses do not admit that there are problems in Zhao’s 9 month old son head was injured, is still in the treatment. Newspaper reporter Yang Xinyu photo of the Mid Autumn Festival, who lives in the South Bank of Zhao did not dare to live at home, it is the curse of crystal lamp! Last Wednesday, the family’s gorgeous crystal chandelier suddenly fell off a table tennis ball size crystal beads, hit Zhao 9 month old son. Ms. Zhao said, crystal lamp hanging in the air like a time bomb". Crystal lamp became a "time bomb" on Wednesday, Ms. Zhao was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV, 9 month old son on the side of the mat crawling play. Suddenly, the child Sixinliefei cried, Zhao quickly view, found the child’s forehead has a big package, and the blood above the hole. At the foot of her son, Ms. Zhao found the "perpetrators" – a crystal beads falling from the crystal lamp. This crystal is solid glass beads, a ping-pong ball sized above remain wire length has been broken. Businesses do not recognize the problem of Zhao Zhao Zhao quickly took his son to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, from the current situation, in addition to the forehead smashed a blood bag, the child’s mental state and have a good appetite. Crystal lamp was purchased in September 19th last year, is still within one year warranty period. Zhao contacted crystal lamp sales business – majiayan Shengwei new concept building materials City lighting. When the purchase of lamps, the merchant promised a year warranty, but the boss is now the attitude of Zhao so depressed. He did not agree to go home to see that the lights are no problem." Zhao said that the boss told her lamp, if you feel that there is a problem with lights, you can find their own demolition, or to the court. "Kids like to run around in the living room. The crystal lamp is like a ‘time bomb’." Yesterday morning, Zhao took the child temporarily moved to her husband’s residence. Admitted in the warranty period can be negotiated lamp wire broken, but also hit the child’s forehead, in the end who is responsible? Zhao said that when buying crystal lamp, the merchant promised a year warranty. Reporter contacted the owner of the sale of lamps, Mr. wang. He said that their products are sold from the regular manufacturers into the goods, there will be no quality problems. He believes that the crystal ball does not rule out the use of miss zhao. After the incident, Ms. Zhao went to the police, copper Bureau police station to find the two sides face to face through consultations. Why the sudden fall of crystal ball, who can not tell, was not identified at the time, I would like to meet her compensation, so I suggest that she take the legal approach." Mr. Wang said that as for the replacement of lamps, the two sides can negotiate. In the light of "three" category of inquiries to reporters, currently there are 22 kinds of products have been incorporated into the "three" areas, namely: bicycle, TV, TV, VCR, black and white household cameras, tape recorders, electronic organ, household refrigerator, washing machine, electric fans, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, household air conditioning, range hood, gas heat相关的主题文章: