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UnCategorized What is a blog? A blog is nothing more than a website on steroids. As a matter of fact, there are millions of blogs that look just like websites. Many of them are virtually impossible to know the difference. A blog allows you and your visitors to .municate in ways that are not available on a standard website. For example … With a blog you can * Easily add new content to your site without the help of a technician. * Allow people to make .ments and give you feedback from any .puter in the world. * Build your web presence for free and maintain it yourself. * Easily create links to other websites, including your own. * Add thousands of cool widgets and gadgets to your blog to enhance the experience of your viewers. * Add new content to your blog from any .puter in the world that has access to the Internet. The best reason of all to have a blog however, is because the search engines love blogs. Let me explain. Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the other search engines know that the better the results they provide for a searcher, the more likely that searcher is to use their search engine in the future. They also understand that people are more interested in reading fresh content than they are in reading content that is weeks or months or even years old. When you add new content to your blog every day or every other day, the search engines are much more likely to show your blog in the search results page than they are to show your .petitors’ website that hasn’t changed in years. Now, there is certainly more involved in getting high placement on the search engines than fresh content, but fresh content gives you an edge that you can’t easily get on a static website. Here is what I suggest you do. Create your own blog today. Yes, it’s OK to have a blog and a website. You can use your blog to get high search engine rankings and use it to send traffic to your website or use it in place of your website. If you aren’t familiar with blogging, you can learn to build your own blog using the free blogging platform from Google known as Blogger. You can access over 120 videos and have your own Blogger blog up on the Inter. in less than four minutes. Just do a Google search for Blogger Videos or Blogger Training and you will quickly find the training videos. Write interesting content to your blog on a frequent basis. It doesn’t have to be more than a few sentences long. Make sure you write about something that your target market is interested in reading. It’s also important to use the keywords and keyword phrases that your customers would typically use in your title and text if they were searching for your article on the Inter.. Create links from your blog to different pages on your website. It’s easy to do and the search engines love it. Best of all, now that you have your own blog, you can create links back to your website whenever you want. Take the time to write about your customers and link to their website from your blog. Make sure you say something nice and send them an email with the link to your blog post. Not only is this a great PR move, but your customers are very likely to send an email to all of their customers with a link leading back to your blog. This is a very effective method to generate instant traffic to your website or blog. Blogging is easy, it’s fun and it’s a fantastic way to generate targeted traffic to your website. Get blogging today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: